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Height 32" Weight 100 lbs Scarring None

Sinai is the rare muted Tiamat. The fire that courses through her family was drained from her in the womb, hoarded by Nassar. She is everything her sister is not, and lacks everything her sister has. Her coat is a wash of silky creams and sweet tans in a typical timber pattern. Hues mixing together to create a soft mosaic, reflecting her personality. It is said you can wear your heart on your sleeve, well Sinai is covered in hers. Her family saw her as the weaker Tiamat sister, the physical embodiment of Nassar's shadow. In truth, where her soul lacks the flames rivers reside. A calming wave to sooth the family of embers.

Song: Shallow


Kind | Cunning | Maternal | Reserved | Devout

Kingdom lost, wars have been started for less. Better characters than her have been tempted to reclaim a crown that could have been theirs. Through her losses Sinai has been able to find peace knowing she will never have to shoulder the burden her sister has been dealt. Through gestures of kindness, the smaller sister won the hearts of many in the Tiamat clan. She was known for her heart, sweet as the cream that she was born in.

Careful calculations were always more her strength than her kins. With little fire in her veins, she keeps a very level head. Back home, few could rival her in debate. The embers that lit generations of Tiamat's also made them terrible diplomates, too quick to jump to aggression and assumptions. From an early age she learned to harness her power of serenity to palliate her companions.

Mother, a name she craved. Once she had lost the title of matriarch, the dream of wriggling bodies beside her was dashed. She was unfit to continue the Tiamat line. This was what stung her the most about seeing the torch being passed to another. She willed herself to love her clan as a mother would for their pups, but it wasn't enough. Knowing each person was brother, sister, daughter, son to someone else was a thorn in her heart. Dreams of blue eyes and the smell of milk haunt her each night, a fleeting glance of soft bodies and hot tears...

Released from the spotlight, Sinai learned to dance in the shadows. She was able to hear the whispers and watch the story unfold. Her years have taught her that immediate action is not always the right course and the woman became well versed in the long game. It fell to her to hold the reigns on the volatile family and she did so happily. Her easy going nature has won many battles, many of which her opponent didn't realize was being fought.

Dedicated to her loved ones and her heavenly protectors, the woman would die for either cause. There is no fight as pure as a fight for love, everyday she vows to be her best self in order to secure the safety of her kin. This trait alone was enough to allow her to watch her sister inherit everything she had dreamed of being with a genuine smile. There is nothing but love in her heart, and that will not be tainted.



Mother: Ankh Tiamat deceased

Father: Unnamed

Sister: Nassar Tiamat

Mate: Anonymous

Children: Zahri, Badari, Khusus, Senuris, Minya


Nieces: Cairo, Evanora

Nephews: Karnak, Ahkoris


From an early age Sinai knew she was different from the rest of her blood. You would have to be blind not to notice her in a crowd of Tiamat's. While her unusual coat design would be revered in another family, her's was anything but pleased. In a society fueled by their characteristic flames, for a potential leader to be tainted was an insult. Quickly, the kind hearted pup turned her fortune around from cursed to beloved. She spent her days caring for the old and making quick friends of the youth. There wasn't a member of her clan that could speak ill of her, the delicate daughter of Ankh. She paved a river through the heart of a volcano, and while she was loved she wasn't seen as a leader.

She wouldn't kid herself, there wasn't a day she let the prospect of power blind her from the cause. Nassar was the poster child for their family, anyone could see it. Sinai did her best to guide her sister during times of need, they complimented each other and she was able to lead her sister to better courses of actions from the sidelines. For a few critical years she became more of an advisor than kin and she took on the task whole heartedly. To see the other succeed, was to see their family succeed and that was thanks enough. She was Nassar's queen, while her sister was the bold, kingly figure their bloodline needed to survive, she navigated their path with the cool head and easy smile of a queen. Seeing the adoration that came from those that she governed made her heart swell with pride, each smiling face was proof of her success.

When it was announced that her sister was expecting, Sinai was elated. Finally there would be little feet running around them, the thought of pups was intoxicating. She took it upon her self to check her sister was well through their gestation, the feigned annoyance her sister put on only made her love them more. After their birth she was constantly doting on them. Wherever they were, she was not far behind. However, too soon after their birth Nassar left and took her children with her. Each left with a piece of her heart. The memories of playing and watching them grow were too much, and she shattered in the months following. Without their air the rest of the Tiamat clan scrambled and when they tried to force her into power, it was too much.

Sinai set out to find the lost ruler and to see what had kept her so far from home. Unaware that in the coming months she would learn more about herself than in her past three years of life. The journey excited her, but she would always feel the tug of her homelands. Soon to return and recover what she lost.

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