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reference sheet
Height|| 36 inches
Weight|| 160 pounds

Blinded in left eye from a bear fight. Ears are scarred to the point of looking like a botched 'crop' job. Front of his muzzle is scarred, slicing through his lips though it does not necessarily expose any teeth. Scarring which riddles the top of his muzzle, as well as on his right cheek.
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Intense | Angry | Brutal | Protective | Generous
There are far too many words to describe the complicated persona of White Timber. He is unforgiving, unceasing, intense, angry, and menacing, making White Timber an all too serious brute. He dislikes those who disrespect him, though he rarely offers the same respect in return. The Ex-King still expects to be treated as one, and when he is not, it sends his anger into overdrive. On the contrary, he often likes to keep to himself, enjoying solitude and silence above all else. Unless he can be alpha, White Timber prefers to be a loner. That is not to say he particularly wants a throne of his own, to him, his royalty is not restricted to the ranking of alpha among a group of wolves. Rather, he views his crown as a broader spectrum, spanning far and wide, having the thought and feeling of having earned the title of 'king' through his life experiences. Arrogant? Well, probably. While he is all of the things stated above, he can still be anything but those traits of his. At times, one might find White Timber in a rather stoic mood, calmed yet still simmering with rage, but not overbearingly so. By default, White Timber's emotions fall to anger or rage. He has trouble processing anything else in terms of feelings. That said, very rarely, White Timber will befriend another and share with them the respect and kindness he might only show his children or a beloved mate.


His mother’s name was Isolda, his father’s name was Alecto. He does not know if his father lives, nor does he care. He was lead to believe his four siblings are dead, killed after birth. possible adopts later?


His father was cruel, and his mother was kind. Though she was kind, she was extremely selfish. She would always put herself above others, even her own children. So when she had a litter of five, she felt very little when Alecto began killing them. It was either her or them, and she of course, chose herself. White Timber was the only to survive his litter, at least to his knowledge, as Alecto seemed to grant the young silvery boy his favor. Though in Alecto's favor, it was hardly a blessing. This meant more cruelty bestowed upon White Timber more so than the others, even his own mother. Isolda was generally the target of Alecto's rage, and so to have it redirected to White Timber was a saving grace for the woman in white. She would often times offer him up to Alecto so that she would not feel the wrath of the slate king, so that White Timber would take the brunt of it all. Surely enough, this turned White Timber into a rather bitter and unruly child, a renegade even in the face of pain and anguish. White Timber did not care how much Alecto wanted to unleash on him, nor did he care how selfish his mother was. He only knew that one day, he would escape their grasp and forever be free. Hatred began to grow within him for his father, and while he did love his mother to some degree, she too began to be the source of his pain. The day he was able to escape was when Alecto killed Isolda right before his eyes. Instead of attempting to protect his mother, or help her in any way, he chose the route she would have taken. He watched from afar for a while before finally turning and leaving for good. While it was somewhat heartbreaking to witness such an atrocity as the murder of his mother, White Timber could not be bothered with such emotion when his own life depended on escaping. Alecto roared in the far distance behind the yearling, growling that he'd find White Timber one day, and make him suffer. All things meant to daunt the boy, but at the time, White could no longer be daunted. He could no longer be manipulated. And so, he kept on going, furthering the distance between he and Alecto, never to look back again.

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