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Height: 26 inches
Weight: 102 lbs
Gait: Confident and elegant
Build: Slender

Lithe and slender, Ikiaq's appearance resembles that of a snowy ermine more than a wolf. With a coat of ivory flecked with black, she is as beautiful as she is endearing. Her small frame and delicate paws make her virtually silent.

Reference created by Zodiac.


Impulsive | Stubborn | Independent | Emotional | Driven

She engulfs life like a forest fire, determination fueling everything she does. She never takes no for an answer, and finds a way around everything, no matter how reckless. This impulsive, driving behavior may seem stupid, but Ikiaq is a smart femme who chooses to let her emotions take hold of her.

She travels alone, a fiery spirit—fleeting and evasive to everyone she meets. She keeps this distance between herself and strangers, but this only draws others closer. They are intrigued by her mystery. Enthralled by her fierce independence. Though in abundance, her emotions are kept close, reserved for herself and for those she lets closest. Family and lovers. Everyone else is an obstacle to the she-wolf.

Some of Ikiaq's strong will is a mask hiding the pain of her past—the recent loss of her small family and the close bond she had known her entire life. Independence suits her, and to an outsider, the ivory she-wolf would seem perfectly stable, if not a little too headstrong, but Ikiaq does possess a softer side that's as vulnerable as any.


Kara Elisapie | Mother | Deceased
Nilak Elisapie | Sister | Deceased


Earth surrounded a young she-wolf as she struggled to birth a litter of pups. She knew they would be without a father, but that didn’t matter. They would be a family. They would be hers and hers alone. They would love her and stick by her like no one has before. Her name was Kara, and she fought with every fiber of her being to bring her pups into the world.

Despite her best efforts, the four-year-old wolf had two stillborn pups. However, even as the femme mourned over the loss of her offspring, her body began to convulse once more. That night, Kara finally brought life into this world, and as two squirming pups searched for the warmth of their mother’s body in the chilled evening air, Kara knew she finally had the family she had always wanted. She named her firstborn Ikiaq, meaning "red spruce," for the very tree that sheltered them.

Ikiaq was born the larger of the two pups, her coat lighter in color than her sister. For the first few months of her life, she would take on a nearly ivory pelt, her coloration marred only by the black that flecked it. Her sister, Nilak, looked like a true mix. Her light coat was streaked with browns and silvers. While Nilak’s eyes became a light, vibrant green like her mother’s, Ikiaq’s stayed a vibrant blue.

Growing up, both sisters knew nothing about their father, nor did they bother to ask. A pack of three, the small family spent every moment together, hunting and protecting each other. They did not try seeking out other wolves to grow their pack. Kara firmly believed in protecting her daughters from danger. To her, any other wolf was a risk she was not willing to expose the pups to. Because of this, Ikiaq has had very little to do with male wolves, or strange wolves in general. Kara raised her daughters just as she always imagined raising a family. She taught them to hunt together, how to forage and mark territory. At night she would gaze at the stars and tell her two girls how every star was once a wolf who walked the same lands as them, how they would one day all be beautiful twinkling lights in the heavens. Ikiaq loved the idea of this, and like the natives of Cyrileth before her, she learned of the constellations that rule overhead.

Although Ikiaq loved her mother very much, it was nothing compared to the bond she shared with Nilak. Because the sisters were rarely able to connect with other wolves, they only had each other to play and explore with. They cherished each other above all others. There was nothing the two wouldn’t sacrifice for one another.

As Ikiaq and Nilak neared their second birthdays, a threat began to make frequent visits into their small territory. A large brown bear was leaving traces of its presence where the small family hunted. Immediately, Kara knew she and her daughters would have to leave. The small femme would be nothing against a fully-grown bear.

The night that Kara decided to lead her family away from their territory, tragedy rocked the pack to its very core. Ikiaq and Nilak were silent as they followed their mother through the trees. They could sense her urgency and smell the fear coming off of her. Before they even made it to the very edge of the territory, the bear came lumbering out from the darkness. It stood three times taller than the small she-wolves and was reeking with aggression. Kara barely had time to call out to her daughters before the bear was on her. Enraged and mad, one paw came down on their mother and within moments, her spine was broken and she was gone.

Horrified, the two wolves were frozen before the wrath of the bear. Even though there was nothing to be done to bring their mother back, the sisters could not run away and abandon her body. Suddenly, the bear was on Ikiaq. She saw a flash of its dark, beady eyes and black maw before her vision was blocked by her sister. Nilak leapt in front of Ikaiq with her jaws wide, aiming for the bear’s neck. She sank her teeth into its matted, dense fur, but she was too small. With one toss of its head, Nilak went sprawling onto the forest floor.

Then, Ikiaq ran. She ran until her lungs burned and her legs gave out from under her. She collapsed, safe at last. Away from the horrors she had witnessed.

But of course, there was Nilak. The thought of her sister plagued Ikiaq’s mind until the sun came up and she found the courage to return to the scene of the night before. Her mother and sister’s body was gone, and there was no sign of the bear; only of the destruction the maddened creature had left in its wake. There, Ikiaq stayed at the scene of her broken family for two days, mourning them in song and grief before she found the strength to leave them behind forever.

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