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Height: 35 inches
Weight: 150 lbs
Body Structure: Large and muscular
Health: Good Condition
Standout Features: Bear like face, bright ticking on shoulders, cream beard like fur around the face up to his ears.
Scars: Long nasty scar hidden under the fur on his chest and small burn scars on his paw pads. There are small scars that cover his skin. Newest scars are on his right hind leg where a monkey bit him.
Voice: Justin Furstenfeld
Sexuality: Demisexual(come experiment with him sexuality lol)


"The stars pissed on me a long time ago, that’s for sure. Don’t know if that’s a blessing though."

Verbally Confrontational | Passive | Diligent | Egotistical | Protean | Sympathy/Compassionate | Well Spoken


Mother: Juna
Father: Major
Brothers: Romulus, Nero
Sister: Lux


On a cool Autumn morning in Poppy Meadows, was born a small litter of wolves, shrouded in warm golden fur of a loving mother, tongue gently rasping to get the birthing fluids off. Among the small, furry creatures laid a much larger pup that hogged the attention of both parents. This pup was named Ursa for his large, resilient frame and bear looking face. Given the name, also, in hope for a blessing that the constellations would grant even further strength to him in the future; when he would have to face the harsh world they live in. Even though both parents were not from this region, they had decided to stay in the land ever since Juna had discovered she was with pups, learning some traditions of Cyrileth once they had settled in Da'Ira boarders.

His childhood family life was fairly normal, he spent a lot of time with his siblings and parents, well his mother more so than his father. Major was not a very loving father and wanted Ursa, Romulus, Nero and Lux to be well trained and very capable of handling everything that could come their way. It wasn't till they were yearlings that Major became truly set getting them to that state. The first thing he taught them was to handle pain, having them fight until they grew numb to the feeling. Which also started to change Ursa's personality from a naïve trusting pup, to a much more volatile young male that didn't know how to cope with his mental state of fear. He found himself having troubles interacting with others, even his siblings, he seemed to almost lack emotion all together with others. Juna was very worried about her son, starting to think Major was pushing them too far, despite the other siblings keeping their heads on fairly straight unlike Ursa.

By the time they had reached adulthood and finished their training with their father, that fear had resulted in him having issues seeing past his own needs. This wouldn't be a problem, if he wasn't meant to lead his sibling now. In his opinion, Nero would prove to be the best leader but his kin all insisted he was best suited by appearance. It wasn't like they were a pack, so did it matter? In the end he took hold of his duties, travelling the terrain in search of the best locations to possibly settle.

Surprisingly, the russet male did fairly well keeping the the leadership mutual and under control. His ego did get in the way on occasion, often demanding them to do things only for his benefit, or he'd eat most the food to leave them with barely anything to eat. Romulus was the sibling most effected by this, having been sick since he was a little pup but kept it well under wraps. It wasn't until he was nearing death did he start to show signs that he was very much unwell. Sympathy brought Ursa to give him special treatment, having him eat first and stay back on hunts. When Romulus was very weak on certain days, Ursa would even carry him on his back to lessen his suffering. One day, however, the large male grew tired of caring for his brother and started to contemplate what needed to be done to lessen the burden. While his brother slept, he did the only thing he could think of to end both their problems, sending him to the stars. It was a quick death, a swift snap of the neck with his jaws.

After that, his remaining two siblings became weary of him, especially Nero. Nero wanted Ursa gone, barking for him to be the loner he was obviously suited to be. Lux wasn't as cold, not wanting to see her brother fall victim to the madness of this land. Ursa agreed with Nero, he was never meant for this life, he was too mentally unstable from his father's teachings to be guiding others. It was from then on that he took on the life of a loner, though he can sometimes spot Lux watching him from a distance.

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