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28"❀ 85 lbs ❀ Black

Their left eye was stolen from them, that which remains is half blue (top) and half honey (bottom). Other than the deep scar on his face, their pelt is free of markings, wound or otherwise.

those that encounter the ebony wolf may find themselves wondering if they should trust their eyes or their nose...

Song: Done for Me


Scorned | Gluttonous | Parvenu | Temptress | Killer


appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had


i act like i don't care, but deep inside it hurts

Alecto hails from an unfortunate past. Born and raised in Cyrileth, he is one of few true natives. His life started much the same as everyone else, unseeing and untrusting of the world around them. Though he soon learned to love life, and life began to love him. It didn’t take long for Alec to realize he was different, his peers soon out grew him and the other brute’s towered over him. His form resembled the she-wolves, to whom he clung during his adolescence. Before long, the boy noticed that all who met him, believed him to be female. His features were reminiscent of the female body and the time he spent around them growing up influenced his mannerisms and posture. Alecto carried himself as a she-wolf would and his voice was much higher than any male he had encountered, this coupled with his looks, stump all he encounter. Many would have been bothered by this, the young man found it amusing. With each passing encounter, he found himself less and less inclined to correct the pronouns used to address him. One day, he stopped all together. Why did it matter what genital he had been born with? Why did that one feature weigh so heavily on the minds of others? These were questions the boy couldn’t answer, and he decided one day to go with the role life had given him, that of a fae.

As time went on, those around him forgot the man they had grown up with. Soon those the wolf had known all his life accepted the beautiful ebony wolf was a vixen, not a tod, it was easier that way. Those he had grown around didn’t like conflict, the lands around them had too many problems to factor in gender issues. The boy grew into his femme structure, lithe legs lead to a slender midsection. His curves only became more and more prominent as he aged, and soon the culture around him began to take notice. He had become a healer of sorts for his family and the surrounding community. He spent much of his time alone in search of rarities and hidden treasures that the land had to offer, he learned her layout very well. The rest of his time was spent with the ill, elder, or dying. The boy tended to his patients and soon the love for him bloomed. Each time he returned from his journeys, his family would sing the tales of what those around them gossiped. They all were charmed by the enchantress of the hills that roamed in the charred lands, just beyond the smoke of the trickling lava. Packs and families alike held contests to see which male was entitled to mate with Alec.

These claims were met with disbelief, the boy rolled his eyes and scoffed before returning to the surrounding fields. Each day he could feel more and more eyes on him, one day he looked around and realized the world had their eyes on him. Each time a man approached, he hurried away, using his knowledge of the terrain to easily slip away from his pursuer. Soon, this became a game. He would linger, just far enough out of the steam for people to see him, he would bat his eyes and play the part of an enchantress, but as soon as they got too close… he vanished. As the boy grew bolder, he would attend the battles that the auditioning sires had. Weaving the herbs (that were meant for others) into his pelt, he soon was adorn with bright colors and fragrances that further concealed his true identity, and heightened the interest around him. The fool fell into his own trap, grew intoxicated with himself, stopped providing for those that needed him, and lost sight of the life he had wanted for himself.

By and by, they tried to trick the wrong person. A band of brothers came into the territory one night and heard stories of the mythical virgin that roamed the lands. They fought all those that lay claim to her, and eventually were the sole owner of the girl. They set out to find her that evening, no one had seen the sable woman at night before, and they vowed to find where she hid. Alec had only heard whispers of the power these men held and unsuspecting, spent the night under the stars. His constellation was out that night and The Crone knows what is to come for her children, he though she would look over him. When the brute’s found her, he woke to their yelps of passion and infighting, the hadn’t thought to decide who would be first to seed their prize. The boy tried to run, but they circled him, trapping him between themselves and the steady flow of lava behind them, the elusive had been caught.

As expected, the largest of the brothers would concur the woman first, he pinned her down and prepared for the act, but that close the secret was revealed. Outraged, they hurled insults at the man before them. They could only assume that the lies had originated in Alecto, that he was a freak and this was his way of fitting into society. They threw him aside with intent to kill, the fool landed face down into the tears the volcano wept for her star crossed son. Pain exploded in his body, the wolf had never experienced pain like this before in his life. Jumping from the viscous fire, he ran toward his attackers, fur aflame. Spooking the band, he was left alone, clawing at the flames that were turning his face to ash.

The wolf didn’t know how long he laid there before someone found him. He floated in and out of consciousness so often he couldn’t discern reality from fantasy. The only memories from that time revolve around the burns he sustained: physical and emotional. Scar tissue masks half his face, enveloping the area just blow his ear, to the beginning of his maw. That night claimed his beauty and his left eye. His soul, blacked and scorched belongs to his rescuer. Alecto works only for revenge, the love he felt for this world crumbled to hate in the heat of that moment. Vowing to become the part of an enchantress, she works as a mercenary for Arwin. Holding the world responsible for their own misfortune the black widow spins his web of animosity, and slowly smothers himself with it.

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