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There are always those occurrences, those oddities that we speak about, in which the runt ended up being the largest of the litter at some point. Krinnag was one of the occurrences, in the most shocking way. He was the smallest of his litter, smaller than his siblings by at least half in the smallest of the others. He was even smaller compared to the largest of the litter. Now though, Krinnag is a formidable stature - 36", 210lbs (roughly) - and built like a brick wall. This worked wonders within his birth pack, and once it was clear that he was going to be much like his father, he had been trained as a soldier. This training still shows, in numerous ways. The brute, despite beginning to age, is still bulky, his muscles stretching beneath his coat like fine-tuned machinery.

He's an individual who even without meaning to can hurt or break something, even while trying to be gentle. This shows primarily within his bite since he never learned to have a 'gentle mouth,' like many young pups did. HIs littermates would bite him with everything they had, and he learned to do the same. So, now even in play, he can accidentally hurt another (this knowledge is probably the cause of his rather 'too serious' demeanor). In terms of his mouth, let us mention his voice. Krinnag speaks in a gruff, often vulgar manner, his voice is deep, and rarely has any emotional inflection, despite what he may be feeling. (For more of a reference, imagine 'The Hound's' voice, from Games of Thrones with the gruffness - vulgarity included).

The brute walks in a stiff manner, much more a march than a walk, and rarely does he ever seem to relax. His body is covered in battle scars, most notable on his muzzle and ears, the fur covering the rest upon his body fairly easy. His eyes are a stark amber color, showing only occasional sparks of emotions. His coat is thick and consists of brown, tan, and black. He smells of old pine sap and stone.


Krinnag is an aggressive individual. He's quick to anger and even quicker to fight. He often seems to take offense to many things and is often described as being incredibly irritable. Terms like 'harsh,' 'mean' and 'ill-tempered' has often been used to describe him. This is perhaps the product of his upbringing, ranging from his pup-hood to his training, both of which required of him to either get mean or get left behind. Once one knows him well enough, it's easy enough to tiptoe around the things that tend to set him off, but upon first meeting him, it's incredibly easy to anger and annoy him. Something that lends itself to his aggressiveness is the fact that he's a vulgar individual. Perhaps 'rude' could be used in place. Krinnag has the vocabulary of a sailor, so to say, and he isn't afraid to speak in this harsh way. It makes him appear harsh and requires that he is often quite blatant in his statements of things, sometimes these statements coming out as rather simple.

Despite the simplicity of his statements and his often lack of speaking entirely, Krinnag is quite the intelligent individual. He's quick to figure things out, and quicker to call others in their own bull. He's resourceful, and curious despite everything else. Although, other parts of his personality and the affliction that he suffers lead him to appear in quite a cautious manner, that some may interpret as fearful. Although, this would not be something you'd want to say to him! Krinnag has a 'solider' mentality, and despite his exile from his birth pack, he has maintained this. He is clearly an obedient individual, and admittedly does best when someone tells him what to do (perhaps this is so in some way he does not have to take the full repercussions of his actions, and can justify it to himself by saying 'I was following orders.') Though, there is an important distinction to make here; Krinnag, while obedient, is not a submissive individual. To get him to follow you, you must prove to him that you are worth it. He does not follow those that he deems as weak, or unworthy, hence for the reason of his treason within his birth pack.

He is not one to show emotions, and generally, his features have a rather neutral affect, meaning that there's just... Nothing there. This can often be in disagreement with what his tone of voice says (which is always 'I'm angry'), or what his eyes may be saying. His body language, and facial features though generally remain flat and blank. This can often confuse others since it makes it difficult to discern what he may be feeling, or what actions he may be about to take regarding the situation at hand. There are though, mind you, some occasions in which his features relay something, and while rare, this generally indicates that what he's feeling is a flood of that particular emotion, something that he can't hide or keep at bay. These moments are often ones that he sees as vulnerable, and even if the emotion is a positive one, be warned that his irritability is even worse, and his behaviors can go from something of joyous to serious aggression in a matter of heartbeats.

As one may assume from his stiff nature in general, Krinnag is a rather serious individual. Perhaps this is just his nature, or perhaps this comes from his training. While the exact cause is unknown, it often leaves him in the dust when it comes to situations that are meant to be playful or joking in manner. Partly just because he doesn't get them. He doesn't laugh much and doesn't seem to get many jokes. It's largely uncertain as to if he really just doesn't get them, or if he just doesn't find them to suit his style of humor. The few times that he does laugh may often appear as quite bitter and may be done in a rather mocking manner.

To speak of his affliction means to put a broken mind to his name. Battletorn and shattered, Krinnag obtained this through the exposure of war; with his stance as the Alpha's personal Gaurd, such was unavoidable, although he does feel as if he shouldn't have succumbed to it. He suffers from persistent intrusive thoughts, although you'd never know it from just observing him. He suffers nightmares, on a fairly regular basis, and reacts physically to things that equate in his mind as a reminder of the things he's experienced, to which he will go to rather great lengths to avoid. He feels consistently isolated and often has problems feeling positive things. This though has only worsened his previously existing traits. This is believed to be the cause of his irritability, and high level of aggression. He's generally a tense, hypervigilant individual, and always seems to be on edge about something. Because of his affliction, he often has difficulty concentrating, and sleeping. The later of is more of a case of he often doesn't rather than does.

Note; I don't mean to offend anyone with Krinnag's illness. Feel free to correct if I get something wrong with the portrayal.


Father // Unknown

Mother // Runell, with birth pack

Siblings // Cheggin (female, with birth pack), Favell (female, with birth pack), Krumman (male, with birth pack), Bavrak (male, deceased)

Other Important Figures // Baltair (male, standing alpha of birth pack), Mungan (male, former alpha of birth pack, deceased)


Krinnag's birth pack was strict with its rankings. Females did their sets of duties, and males did theirs. It was an honor to be a soldier, and an even higher honor to be one of the Alpha's guards. No-one knew who sired the pups that Runell birthed (she was a pack whore, you see, she wasn't born to the pack so no male would take her as a mate), although there was speculation that the Alpha himself fathered them on a winter's night, in which the snow had freshly fallen. Although, he nor anyone else ever claimed them. Of the pups, the smallest, Krinnag, was the one that started the rumors - he could have been the Alpha's twin. Runell never told, despite the questions, and this further spurred the rumor that the pups were the Alpha's bastards.

This was an easy assumption since his mate proved to be barren. He loved her, regardless, so he didn't send her away. But perhaps he wanted sons and daughters to carry on his bloodlines, and so the rumor is, that Mungan mounted the whore to give the pack his children in secret. As the years passed, Runell bore more litters, although she was never quite so secretive about those sires, as she was her third set of bastards.

As the time passed, one of the three males of the litter grew exceptionally large; he showed a prowess with the training that he received and often got to a point in which he surpassed his mentors. Sheer size alone made him a candidate for the Alpha's personal guard. His skills secured the position, and within a short amount of time he was the head of the alpha's guard, trusted with everything. Depending on how one read it, it could easily be seen as Mungan being proud of the son that he fathered, and wanted to be close to him. That, or he wanted a wolf who dwarfed all others in the pack to be his teeth and claws. After all, to think of things in our modern human terms: why have a guard dog, when you can have a damn tank?

In his fourth spring, Krinnag made another name for himself: Traitor.

His brother, Bavrak, and a few others of the Guard conspired against the Alpha, his brother leading the treacherous assault. To spare all of the gruesome details, Krinnag will admit that it was the worst fight that he had ever found himself in - he still sees his brother's throat torn out, and still sometimes feels the blood spraying on him when it rains just right. The traitors were driven out, and the Alpha's brother, Baltair took the head of the pack for his own, and threw Krinnag in with the traitors, not wanting a wolf that he detested for his own personal reasons (of which, Krinnag could never understand).

Krinnag and the other traitors left. Krinnag separated himself from them, some part of his mind finally broken. Something was no longer right with him, and he could no longer bear to look at those who he had long since shared his life with. Alone, and shattered, he began to wander, being as he is now.

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