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Apollyon shoulder height stands at 34" and her weight is approximately 144 pounds. The she-wolf appears slender with a larger frame, but one wouldn't be seeing her slipping into spaces that may seem unlikely for her to slip into.
Her main coat possesses midnight blue, silky fur of which that glistens whenever it's not clumped and crusted with debris. In the midst of the midnight lies small black stars glittering across her fur. Under her eyes, a black void going to her cheeks and extending her muzzle occupies the fur. Cream begins on the bottom of her jaw and prolongs through her under belly and halts at the tip of her tail. The smooth color also fills in the inside of her ears and just barely invades the inside of Apollyon's legs. Black separates the blue from the cream as a faded but clear transitioned boundary into the underside of her body.
The right eye of Apollyon's is missing (see first paragraph of the major paragraph break in History), which gives a more intimidating fiery orange gaze. It gives off the appearance that she's always angry though she could be in a neutral state. Her remaining eye always had an igniting flame ever since the incident with the Beta, whether that be from rage, determination or warmth towards Inanna. Her face is usually formed in some sort of a disgusted scowl or grimace though an obvious sign of happiness has been rare occurrence that's been seen on Apollyon.




Mother: Unknown

Father: Deceased

Adopted daughter: Inanna Mitanni – Alive

No known siblings


Apollyon's birth was made at an extreme disadvantage due to the breeding of two Omegas. As she herself look back on that, she wondered what kept her breathing, and what made torture a better idea for her to handle. She was often humiliated when she was old enough to realize it and pushed around by wolves of much bigger sizes. Being pounced on like a mere rat though she wasn't expected to retaliate. When she wasn't being harassed, she was neglected by everyone, including her parents though her mother occasionally returned to their so called "den" to feed Apollyon, though love towards the pup was limited.
All this influenced the start of training for Apollyon rather sooner than later. It was painfully clear that the only way of getting some respect was fighting for it. She learned that from quarrels within the pack, though none were fatal. Being as young as she was, she didn't quite understand why those wolves weren't finishing off the weaker ones, and she would never understand.

Growing up, rules of discipline were becoming more enforced although she hated committing such actions that had to make her look weak, considering her rank made it even worse. The first time she submitted to a Beta ended in one of her eyes being lost at their discretion. Never again after that instance had she shown respect for a high ranked wolf. After losing sight from an eye, she worked hard in utter determination to be the best fighter, to turn her disadvantage into an advantage. She snuck out of the heart of the territory often to fend for herself due to the neglect she received. It wasn't long before she realized that the neglect from her birth parents were due to their cowardice to approach their own daughter. It only merely fueled the influence of establishing new dominance and stopping the humiliation of being an Omega. Humility towards herself anyways.
This soon gradually evolved into a regular tradition of hers. Leave just before the break of dawn just when the blue dark skies become enlightened by the golden rising sun until the times the gold disappears to another place leaving the skies to proceed with gloom. There were times where she never went to her supposed "home", yet she only returned for one reason. Nearing the end of her yearling years, Apollyon finally made her move of getting revenge. She awaited until nightfall to assassinate the Beta while he slept, yet only then she failed to keep stealth. Her decision only involved one of those two walking away with their life. Luckily, no other able bodied decided to help the Beta due to their underestimation of the Omega. And even then, if the Beta couldn't handle Apollyon, then he's shamed for the rest of his life there. Though taking the she-wolf for granted, for Apollyon it wasn't an eye for an eye. It was an eye for a life. She took place of the deceased wolf due to her impression on the Alpha.
The next two days had watchful eyes glued to her from her parents. She knew they were disappointed, disgusted even, that she had taken a life. Though Apollyon enjoyed that power and endured it, and it made her cold as she picked on those who have done the same to her as a pup. Even badly wounded them when she got the chance. During one of those times, her father got between her and another wolf. It was a short encounter, just like Apollyon's tolerance. She no longer cared for that pack, let alone her parents after standing aside during the abuse she had. Pack numbers were thin anyways after her unofficial role as an Executioner. She slaughtered two wolves afternoon, and left later that night with no remorse.

It was only a few days of encounters and fights in hostile pack territories where she encountered a small, filthy pup. After nonstop walking with searing aches radiating from her paws, she almost had left it in spite that the youngling would have to learn for itself. Yet she had found the young wolf in such a condition that brought the she-wolf back to her own days of abandonment; she couldn't resist but to snatch it out of Harm's way despite the torture she was going through.

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