Constellations are a large part of native lore in Cyrileth. Each and every wolf is born beneath the gaze of the star most dominant in the sky. That dominant star is believed to become the wolf's "patron" and, ultimately, impacts the wolf's future. Not all wolves believe in the native religion, though the presence of belief does not curtail judgment. Those that can see another's star sign will often judge accordingly, assuming that the star has infected the wolf's very character. When choosing a constellation for your character, be sure to weigh the lore associated with that star-sign along with the in-game perks afforded by the constellation.
Learning One's Constellation IC
Those born under the Mother, Crone, and Shadow signs may see another's constellation through their eyes. This sort of knowledge is intuitive and the mechanism is not well known. The eyes are the windows to the soul, however, and the soul never lies. Shielding one's eyes is the most effective means to avoid detection, but even a passing glance is enough for one of the divining signs to reveal the truth. Only those native to Cyrileth are able to divine signs. Outsiders must be taught by a native diviner.

Native born wolves and those knowledgeable of the constellations may know of their constellation already. Often only outsiders are unaware of their patron star.

Below, each constellation is introduced. Each constellation offers lore, native sayings, natural symbols, and perks.

Perks are benefits imparted to those born under the sign. These are naturally granted to the character upon acceptance. A character is ultimately judged by their patron star, and the patron star grants the perk.

The Mother
The giver of life, the nurturer. She guides, offering affection and understanding when others might turn to violence. Her love is unconditional, her patience vast. All who live and breathe are her children, each born with vast potential. Her stories are many and varied, for she is always the wise mother in any given fable.

Common phrases include: "If the mother wills it so," and "with the mother's blessing."
Symbol: Orchid

Those found under her stars... are considered to be of particular interest to the great, benevolent goddess. They are often considered to be wise, to have integrity, and to possess intuition for the evil in others.

Perk: +1 pup to litter

The Father
Husband of the mother, he occasionally serves as the hangman and judge in stories. His role is the leader of all, the commander in battle. He oversees great battalions and grants the greatest lessons on foolhardy protagonists. His love is hard earned yet unbreakable. The man's loyalty is steadfast and he protects his family with his life.

Common phrases include "The Father's judgment upon your soul" (insult), "A Father's love is hard won"
Symbol: Tanacetum

Those found under his stars... are considered to be seen as promising by the father above. They are often regarded as intelligent, fair, and harsh.

Perk: -1 required thread in pack formation

The Maiden
The mother's past self in some stories, her younger sister and/or daughter in others. She is the quiet, gentle soul that seeks the good in others. In stories, she is the innocent child or the victim. Her end is not always happy, but her heart is always pure. The Maiden often serves as a cautionary tale.

Common phrases incldue: "Oh, the Maiden's heart be blessed", "You are asking for the Maiden's end" (insult)
Symbol: Ivy

Those found under her stars... are considered to be demure and gullible. The Maiden admires the child's gifts or pities them for their tragic future. They are often regarded as sweet, patient, and innocent.

Perk: No stillborn pups in breeding

The Crone
She is both the last stage of the mother and the secretive woman of prophecy. Her face is rarely shown, her body rarely described. She is but a shadow, a serpent, an omen. Her presence in stories marks a turning point, a great epiphany, the coming of a storm.

Common phrased include "By the Crone's Eye" , "A traitor's whisper is the Crone's gift"
Symbol: Snapdragon

Those found under her stars... are revered as beasts of omen. Perhaps they too will become crones in later years, or perhaps they bring tragedy. Different groups view the crone as negative or positive, but all are wary. The children of the crone are often regarded as cautious, vengeful, and omniscient.

Perk: Ability to spy on private threads, including in pack territory, for up to 3 rounds without detection depending on their success rate. Must roll success according to the random roll parameters in our discord channel, "Sneaking Success Rate." 25% chance of failure, 50% chance of partial success while leaving a trace, 25% chance of complete success while leaving no trace.

The Twins
Parentless beings who appear the same. They are tricksters, albeit not with evil in their hearts. Gods of playful mischief, they are creators of their own fortunes. They are the siblings who venture for glory, the cousins who get roped into dastardly schemes before the story ends happily.

Common phrases include: "Had I a twin I'd be a richer man/woman" , "Only the Twins could cause such trouble"
Symbol: Baby's Breath

Those found under their stars... are considered to be lucky and mischievous. The twins have placed this child on the earth as another prank. They are often regarded as being clever and selfish.

Perk: Your litter size is rolled 3x, you pick your preference

The Rivalry
Always two wolves, often males, locked in combat. They are the rich and the poor, the loner and the pack wolf. Both have valid reasons for their anger, yet both extend their reach too far. They contend with one another endlessly, seeking only the ruin of the other. Never will they reach compromise.

Common phrases: "The Rival's heart is a weary one" , "May we be rivals,”, “May this battle be endless" (insult)
Symbol: Orange Liliy

Those found under their stars... are considered to be focused wolves that fall prey to passion. Some suspect that the rivals wish to act out their will through those born beneath them. They are often regarded as proud, honorable, and Machiavellian.

Perk: In combat and raids, your opponent cannot run away or flee before their pull threshold is reached

The Fool
Always a young man that fails in his pursuits. He harbors illusions of grandeur and forever seeks what he has not deserved. In some cases he is lazy, in others he is merely a child that never quite grew up. He is often punished but rarely learns. Most of his stories are tragic lessons.

Common phrases include "Be you a fool?" (insult), "Fine, follow the Fool" (insult)
Symbol: Daisy

Those found under his stars... are thought to be what the fool next desires or a kindred spirit to the fool. They are considered to be optimistic, unrealistic, and charismatic.

Perk: One pup may be fully pre-customized in a litter

The Bear
The aggressor in old folk tales. A nameless beast that haunts the shadows and brings terror onto the fabled packs. It lives to fight, never existing without strife and combat. In some tales it prevails, in others it is bested.

Common phrases include: "Your shadow has a bear's shape" (insult) , "May you have the bear's strength but not his heart"
Symbol: Oak Leaf

Those found under its stars... are considered to be belligerent and overly bold. Some are torn on their beliefs: others see the bear marking the child as its prey, others see it as having its furious protection. They are often regarded as aggressive, stubborn, and passionate.

Perk: +1 Point in judged combat

The Eldritch Tree
The oldest tree in Cyrileth. Its reflection exists within the stars. When it enters stories, it is a sign of tradition and forgiveness. Even the rivals have never fought beneath its branches, and the maiden will seek refuge against its trunk. The tree is a friend to all, ancient in its wisdom. It stands above strife and petty complaints.

Common phrases include "Blessed be the Eldtrich Tree" , "Praise be"
Symbol: Maple Leaf

Those found under its stars... are thought to be a fragment of the tree's soul come to stand among the living, or a wolf blessed with its endless affection. They are considered to be forgiving, gracious, and generous.

Perk: Negates all negative effects of another wolf's perk. None can spy on you, etc.

The Shadow
Those born underneath a starless sky. The shadow, in stories, is the embodiment of the unknown. At times, it is a monster of disproportionate terror. At others, it is a harmless rabbit lurking within a bush.

Common phrases include “Have you a shadow's soul?” (insult), “May the shadow take you” (insult)
Symbol: Wisteria

Those found under its (lack of) stars… are thought to be loose cannons and unpredictable souls. They are often considered to be impractical, fickle, and conniving.

Perk: Roll advantage (roll twice, take the highest number) once per raid

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