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a well established, semi-realistic wolf roleplay,
Lunar Children

Moladion is a world away from humans, and half a world away from reality itself. Lending itself to a semi-realistic setting, Lunar Children is an intermediate level post-by-post wolf roleplay. With a minimum word-count of 200 words, Lunar Children is a beginner-friendly game with a small, well-established player-base always excited to welcome new players.

With an emphasis on player-driven plots, the wolves of Moladion have a long history of blood feuds, bloodlines, affairs and love stories, both tragic and fairytale. With in-game features such as imprinting, wolves can find themselves soul-bound to others; with player-operated packs, wolves can choose a home where they best fit in, or perhaps they will be stolen away via a clever riddle.

New players are encouraged to jump right in! Staff and players alike are also more than happy to help newcomers adjust to posting on our boards, creating character designs and slipping right into the middle of a plot. Otherwise, take your time, explore Moladion and the wolves within it and always be ready to make an impact!

You can read our site history, or peruse our Field Guide before taking the plunge.

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a well established, semi-realistic wolf roleplay, - by Guest - 04-10-2020, 01:58 AM

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