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[ P ] Firestorm


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There's always something captivating in sites of devastation.

This one was much more serene than the one Nicharion knew from his homeland. No ashen statues, frozen in their last moments before fiery death. just one grand, endless corpse - one of a forest. And now, before it could even get a good chance to recover, it was being covered by a layer of fresh snow, like a burial shroud. Pure white on black, charred remains.

Unfortunately, besides appreciating the scenery, there wasn't all that much to do here. On impulse and mostly just to occupy his own body with something, he crushed a burnt branch into black dust and smeared it across his muzzle. It couldn't be said that he wasn't somewhat vain, but he never really bothered with anything out of ordinary like that as far as appearance was concerned. Though it did remind him how his father's mate wore streaks of dye made from some kind of plant. Quite the outlandish wolf, to be sure..

That was far in the past, however. A much more important thing to consider was - what to do now?