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{P}Safe Heaven

rank: Captain

gender: Female

age: 3y

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@Blackfoot @Newt

Dove looked between Blackfoot and the larger woman, her hackles slowly began to settle back on her neck when Blackfoot seemed to be fine, and friendly with the large wolf.

"A simple spar. Injured slightly due to my own action. It'll heal."

Dove clenched her jaw, she didn't like Blackfoot being injured, not one bit, the number of fights the woman had gotten into was something she hated. She knew sometimes it was necessary, she had been reckless in the past as well but, she didn't want anything to happen to her.

"All is well. There will be no fight today."

Dove let out a long breath through her nose and gave a small nod.

"Im glad your alright dear." She murmured, looking over Blackfoot one more time before turning to Newt.

“Blackfoot, helped to awaken my mind. Albeit I’m still struggling with which way is which.”

Dove looked over the woman once more, she was indeed very masculine, shoulder broadened similar to Dove's, though where Dove middle thinned Newt did not. She met the violet eyes of the woman and she got the emptying feeling that the woman wasn't all...there. She seemed aloft. A little lost.

"I may be able to help you with that." She murmured, her voice once again the softening warmth it usually was. Letting the protective more violent side of her mind fade back into the soothing tide that calmed her emotions and unclenched her jaw.

Tilting her head at Blackfoot's offer towards the woman. Join them? Dove looked back to the dark wolf and gave a small nod. This wolf seemed strong, and in the least... friendly...Easy on the eyes.