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[ AW ] Gather 'Round [Astaria Meeting]

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Dove watched as wolves began to appear one by one. With each wolf that came forward, she was finally able to put a face to a scent. Blackfoot had briefly told her that she encountered wolves that may be interested in being part of a pack. She felt very out of place in the crowd of smaller wolves. A solid black female came forward, the woman's head hardly came past Dove's shoulder. Though the male that came forward gave a small nod in her direction. Dove felt a warm smile build on her lips as she looked to the two smaller wolves.

"Hello, dears." She hummed in her usual soft smooth tones, though her voice was slightly projected, given the slight crowd of wolves it seemed necessary. Though she didn't feel quite a massive when a familiar face came forward. Her smile brightened some as well as her gaze, it was a wolf she had been wanting to apologize too, perhaps she would do so after this meeting.

"Newt." She greeted with a slight nod of her head and a usual warm grin, quite the opposite that she had received from the mother the first time they had met.

Though she now looked down at her friend, a wolf whom she had began to think of as a sort of sister, given that her son called her Aunty it wasn't to terribly far fetched.

please feel free to come to me or to our captain, Dove... or our Captain Newt... If she accepts."

Dove's eyebrows raised slightly in surprise, though a grin spread across her sun-kissed muzzle and her eyes gave a small look toward Newt before drifting back to Blackfoot. Listening to her during the rest of her speech, one she had already known besides a few factors on Newt. She had a look of Pride on her features throughout Blackfoot's time speaking. Proud of her friend and of course, the family she now had. And after Blackfoot had given her statement Dove spoke to the pack, her family, with pride. Though before she chuckled at Sif's comment.

"Indeed, I've never heard so much from you Hun." She cleared her throat and slowly stood. Rolling her muscled shoulders to ease them as her height was revealed.

"I would like you all to know my den is open to each and every one of you. I consider you my family, therefore you are treated in the same care I would treat my own pups. Under my care, you will be fed, warmed, and spoiled."

She paused and looked around at the small gathering, a warm smile covering her features as she looked over them. Looking down at Blackfoot for the woman to add on to anything she wished, though more words from the female would be a treat.



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moon chaser

the girl who chased the moon

As the moments passed, more wolves seemed to appear. Luna looked at each with curiosity, noting differences and similarities. Two, she noticed, had short tails much like herself, which was a curious thing to notice. The little wolf wasn’t entirely certain that she’d ever seen another with a tail as short as her own - let alone two in the same place! In looking around, she admittedly didn’t notice the youngsters snarl, which was perhaps for the better. It might have scared the woman away, or at the least would have made her feel unwelcome.

She looked at the pups curiously, noticing them peer at her. One seemed curious, while the other seemed fearful with a slightly mangled face. Luna’s heart reached out to the small pup, concerned for her injuries - she knew that no wolf around them was the cause, she felt in her heart that Blackfoot would never let such fate befall a pup beneath her watch. But… What had happened to the pup? Luna tucked in on herself slightly, unconsciously tapping into the anxieties that she could feel swirling around her, even though there was excitement sparking in the air as well. It was an odd combination, but one that she didn’t instantly hate. She figured that this was the nature of an open meeting, that allowed for strangers to appear.

She noted a male, his coat the hue of autumn, and another wolf who Luna felt would have to nearly break her neck to look up at. The wolf was a behemoth, but even so, the little woman felt no fear. In the entire situation, she felt no fear, even though part of her thought that perhaps she would.

She listened attentively when Blackfoot started to speak, slowly moving down into a sitting position, tucking her paws close together in a neat little fashion. She looked at both the named wolves - Dove and Newt - and made a point to work to remember their names. Captains. Her ears twitched when others began to speak, a small smile touching her lips at the youngster’s comment. She looked at the woman - Dove - who spoke next. Luna smiled and nodded slightly.

While she stayed quiet, Luna felt slightly like she had found her place. Her home. She hoped that that didn’t change. She felt a surge of excitement at the prospect of being able to learn the names, personalities, and even the pasts of those that she apparently was now going to call family.

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Arios Orelia
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Arios looked around as wolves began to appear curious to who they were, he did recognize the large wolf that came in last. Ari had seen them around the den a few times. Though he still stayed underneath his mother, fluff covered head poked out between Dove's forelegs as his small golden ringlets fluttered slightly when a small gust of wind rolled by.

He turned his head when Blackfoot began to speak, tail wagging softly behind him as he listened to her speak. it was truly the most he'd ever heard Black talk. Though he tried to listen as much as possible, the young pup was distracted by a cardinal resting on a nearby tree. Watching with interest as the bird hopped from branch to branch. The pup would have run to chase the colorful creature if it wasn't for his mother's large paws blocking his way and the importance of the meeting he knew better than to interrupt.

When Blackfoot had paused in her speech Arios grinned and thumped his tail when his mother started to speak. Nuzzling his nose into her leg at the sound of her voice. Though he soon became more interested in his sister than in the speeches. Turning to gently lick what was left of Prim's ear and cuddle into his sister to help her hide from the cold. Something he had seen his mother do so the pup thought it best to follow in her footsteps.

"You go ANTHIE!" The pup yipped happily, grinning up at his Aunt as he placed both forelegs around his sister, placing his large, ringlet covered head over hers as his tongue lightly poked out from under his lips. Tail wagging behind his pudgy body as he looked up at the two women he loved most. Sif was close, but he didn't think she quite matched Mama or Auntie Blackfoot. A look of admiration shone on the little pup, pride was there too. This was his family!

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Ears pricked as she waited to see what those gathered around her would say or not say. Sif's voice teased her ears, monotone but she knew that there was teasing inherent in those words. Dove soon joined in on the teasing and the blue woman snorted air through her nose. An unladylike but amused sound at the pair of them and small, fond look towards the two pups and adult. She had to agree though, this was the first time that she'd ever said anything more than a few words and certainly the most she could recall ever speaking in her life. It wasn't without cause though, these things needed to be said and here she was not finished.

While Dove spoke, reiterating that this was family she heeded Sif's words and gave a nod to show that she was listening. Yes, warnings needed to be given and duties handed out to keep everyone safe. After Dove finished speaking she began once more, "I'd like everyone to remember that while we are family those outside our walls have the potential to harm. Therefore, I'd like one wolf on watch at our tunnel at all times. Each of us will take turns so that no one has to sit watch more than any other, I shall leave my captains in charge of figuring out tunnel watching shifts. There is only one way into Astaria and we will make sure it is not left unguarded. Strangers are to be met with caution but not disrespect. To those that need it we will offer shelter." For that was what a haven was for. "But for anyone that wants shelter or admittance to the pack please call myself or one of the captains to assess them. We do not want unsavory characters in the heart of our territory." Speaking of unsavory characters...

"There is at least one wolf that we must keep an eye out for, one that attacked me here with no provocation. He's shown himself to be unpredictable and thus, a threat. This wolf is a large male, as large as Newt, with gray fur and light blue eyes. If you see him he is to be chased away immediately, if you are uncomfortable doing so then, again, contact myself, one of the captains, or a member of the guard." If he would not be chased away and stay away then more drastic measures may need to be taken but until they were called for she would not enact them. "I would also like to give a warning when traveling through the Caves. This wolf has been seen in those caves... there was also a couple of dead bodies found there last season. So, please, use caution when going out alone. We are in Cyrileth, the land of thieves. Don't ever forget that...." She glanced at Sif. She didn't want to say who the bodies were out of respect for the young she-wolf nor did she want to unduly upset her as she had done before. She would leave that warning at that and hopefully everyone would heed what she was saying.

"To better news... Since we're just starting out here and we all don't know each other well I'd like to organize a hunt at dawn in three days time. We'll go to the Pine Forest and take down what we can... as a pack. Anyone that would like can come along although I will need a volunteer to babysit our two youngest Sprouts." Sif would come along with them to watch and learn although she did glance at Dove to see if she wanted to change or add anything in about this.

She tried to think but she felt as if she'd covered all of her bases here. "Thank-you all for joining... If there's anything you'd like to say or if there's any questions you'd like to ask, feel free. Other than that consider yourselves dismissed, just don't forget to tell me what ranks you'd like to have before you go. One last thing, any hunting that can be done would be great. I'd like to have a stock of prey below ground here in these tunnels if we can for the use of all of our members. I know it's winter, it'll be hard but it'll be much appreciated." With that she dipped her head, dismissing Astaria. She herself would wait around to see anyone that had any concerns or needed to tell the woman what rank they would want. Soon they would need to start scheduling tunnel duties and organizing wolves for sparring practice but not yet.

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Dove looked down at Blackfoot still in pride. When she spoke of family and tunnels all was fine, though when she headed warning about a male seen in the tunnel her jaw clenched hard. Memories that often haunted her during the night flooded into her mind, the eyes, the flames, the heat. All surrounded her blind-spotted vision and deafness to her own screams and the pain the enveloped her whole body after the events that had taken place before. She took a long breath and shook herself of such thoughts when Blackfoot continued to speak, listening to the mention of bodies found and remembered how Blackfoot had told her of Sif's parents. Though she could add to the warnings of bodies and thieves.

"Indeed be wary of thieves, the product of their most recent attack lays beneath myself and the mother that lays on the edges of this land, marked with three large stones. Pay respect to her as you see it." Though her voice was the same as before, this time it was a deeper topic, in hopes they would be gentler with her little Pigeon and not ask questions of her scars. Though she did make sure to speak in a way the young pups wouldn't understand.

She let Blackfoot carry on, looking down at the female as she continued to speak more than Dove would think she had the breath for. Her eyebrows raised lightly when Blackfoot looked at her after explaining the need to watch the two youngest sprouts. Nodding in agreement that they would need to be watched and ignored the pangy anxioty of leaving her children in the hands of anyone except Blackfoot.

"This is Arios, Im sure he will fill you in on anything you should know about him or his sister." She hummed as she gently placed a paw on the top of her son's head, smiling proudly down at him. She did not announce Prim, knowing how shy the pup could be she thought it better than scare her in the presence of so many wolves. Though she did gently reach down to kiss her daughter's forehead.

As Blackfoot dismissed them Dove stood. Swiftly walking to Black's side and spoke in low, serious tones.

"Blackfoot if that male is ever spotted....it is reported to me, that....man. That man isn't one to let live." Her voice was hushed, though the soft tone of a rumble accompanied it. She let out a low breath and murmured.

"Could you watch Arios? I'll be off to have a walk with Newt." She murmured, back to herself now. She gently bid Black goodbye with a brush of the shoulder and padded with Primrose towards a trail cut into the thin woods.

"Newt? Mind a walk?" She asked, looking over towards the large women with a welcoming smile as she began to fade into the woodline.

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Those chaotic Violet eyes withheld something far more intelligent that many would give her credit for. They roved over the faces of those that would be considered her family. The words of her queen filled the air with confidence and command. She couldn’t help but feel the slight pride that filled her as she listened to Blackfoot’s welcome. She began to inform the pack of who to come to for assistance with many things and she was caught off guard by her queen’s offer. Captain? the thought filled her with uncertainty and yet she couldn’t help but nod automatically to the question. Would she accept? Her dark ears perked upright as that spark of her past appeared in her forlorn eyes. It was the gaze of the former queen that still rested inside her. There was an edge of confidence that she had thought was long forgotten that raised her body upwards as she bowed with her acceptance. It was far better a display than she had thought she was capable of.

With her potions now secured she allowed her gaze to once again rove over the others as Blackfoot continued to speak. She watched, as the young child that stood beside Blacks interest seemed to increase as the discussion of challenges was brought up. She noticed as her gaze fell on Doves with a heated desire. interesting There was potential in that child and she would be interested to see it flourish. Not to the expense of her fellow Captain, however, if the child proved her self-worthy she would not stand against her desire to challenge for a higher rank. It was only natural that the youth desired to surpass their elders. A slight smirk crossed her lips as she heard the rather sarcastic words fall from the young pups lips.

Dove had greeted her and she in turn had nodded to Dove. She was never really a woman of many words. Actions spoke volumes to her rather than aimless fluff. She listened as she agreed to the pup’s choice of teasing words and nodded at Doves retort to Blackfoot inviting the others to communicate with her captains if they needed to. She grimaced internally at the thought that she would need to address the pack as a whole as well and made her way towards Doves side to turn her attention to the pack as well. “I am here to turn weakness into Opportunity and strength. My focus is to build the foundation of our core.” She said with a mater of fact voice. Her gaze roved over them all and she wondered what all of their potentials were. Could she build them all up as she worked on herself? She would not pamper any of her pack mates. She was rough and demanding when it came to her expectations but the reward was worth the inconvenience.

Blackfoot began discussing boarder patrol. It was typical of a pack to protect the entrance to their home. She was content with the fact that there was only one way into their little home. One thing that she would not tolerate was that opening being left unguarded. “Abandonment of duty shall be punished harshly.” Her words were willed with a heavy warning. She would rip any of her pack mates to pieces if they abandoned their duties. She was not an unwelcoming woman. No, the androgynous behemoth was more calculating when her mind was working correctly. That intellect that her father had instilled in her at a young age still followed her. She would allow those that needed a safe haven to come should they prove to be worthy.
Her attention turned back on black as she spoke of the male that had attacked her. So, that was why she was sporting wounds they day they had met. Someone had attacked her unprovoked. She had done lashed out at others before due to her confusion and fear; however, she was a fan of violence. So the male in question was to be chased off. She was uncertain if that was wise but she left the thought silent inside her head. If she were to meet this wolf, perhaps she would allow his violence kindled. After all, she was not the type to turn away from a challenge.

Blacks next words were on that of a hunt. She was curious to see the skills of the others. Would they understand how to hunt as a team? Would she? She had been alone for so long and had hunted on her own that she wondered if hunting in a group would prove to be challenging for her. Only time would tell.

She made not personal mention of thieves or the wolf in question that was to be ran off. She kept her thoughts to herself and turned her attention to Dove as she offered her a way out of this gathering. It wasn’t as if she disliked being around her pack mates but she felt that edge of confusion filling her. She did not know many of them. They were strangers to her and she could feel the anxiety of being around so many unknown begin to eat at her. Too much group interaction left her drained and exhausted. She allowed a grateful smile to fill her face as she silently dismissed herself and followed after Dove.

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"Newt Speaks,"

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