Astaria Haven
Astaria Haven

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- 3/1/19: A couple of spring events are going on! We have the Pack Hunt & the Flower Festival!

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Astaria or Astaria Haven is a relatively simple pack with a neutral to good alignment. They don't go out and cause unnecessary trouble nor do they run out to be crusaders. They keep to themselves and live their lives in the Forgotten Vista. They will offer shelter to those that need it and come to the aid of those they see as allies. Though the land itself is barren with only fish in the ocean for direct sustenance, the wolves within will tolerate outsiders. They are not called a haven for no reason as they wish to give aid to those that are lost, outcast, and are struggling to make a way in the world. However, one must make themselves known at the entry tunnel to the guards, give their intentions, and shelter will be granted if the need for it is great. There is only one way in and out of the territory which can be found past the Pine Forest and through the Caves. Sneaking in and attacking is difficult unless one knows the path and even then guards posted outside of the entrance will be quick to alert the pack of unannounced guests.

The goal of this pack is survival but also to be a family. Wolves are stronger together and the pack is only as strong as the weakest link. Be supportive and aid each other in need. With that said, riding on the coat-tails of others is frowned upon and swift punishment comes to those who come looking for an easy ride. Be warned. The haven is here to become a family and to give aid to those that require it but they will not be taken advantage of.

Den Father
The Body


- Respect your fellow pack members and your chieftains. Respect those outside of the pack. Disagreements happen but never should they lead to bloodshed and hatred.

- Astaria is a democracy. Any major decisions will have a pack meeting called and everyone will get to voice their opinions, however, the final say is up to the Chieftains.

- If fangs must be bared for a situation to be remedied then so be it. Fight it out and afterwards make up. Do not let personal squabbles get in the way of your duties.

- Do not kill or maim your pack members. Spars can be had but keep them fair and don't impair the others' ability to perform their duties. On this note, rank challenges are completely acceptable, keeping in mind the only rank "higher" than any other are Captains and Chieftain. The former must be approved by the Chieftains and the latter you better win or you risk exile or demotion to Captive.

- Don't shirk your work. Repeatedly shirking your duties can get you demoted to cleaning up after everyone else and even further past that, exile.

- If you go around causing trouble with outsiders or other packs to the extent that it could lead to war you will be given over to them as compensation. Don't embarrass Astaria, don't cause unnecessary trouble. Be warned.

- Choose to be mates with whoever you want so long as it doesn't cause trouble. If you are expecting pups a courtesy notice to your leaders should be given so that the proper preparations can be made.

- Outsiders should be treated respectfully but warily. If they are looking to join the pack they must wait at the borders and be brought before (or call to) a Chieftain.

- If an outsider wishes to seek shelter then they must be brought before the Chieftain and assessed. If granted haven they must help out where needed --if they are able-- whether this is with the Caretakers or fishing at the beach or what have you.

- It should go without saying but murder, rape, and thievery are not tolerated. Anything of this caliber is met with immediate exile or execution, depending on the crime and circumstances.


- Chieftain: The pack leaders or "alphas" if you will. There is usually at least one but two is not uncommon and the two do not have to be mates.

- Captain: The second-in-command of the pack when one or both chieftains are not around. The Captain is also the next in line to take over the pack if something happens to the Chieftains. The Guards report anything unusual to the Captain and the Captain is also in charge of leading the hunts with The Body and setting up training sessions for those lacking in fighting skills.

- Guards: The muscle of the pack. These guys are the fighters, scouts, spies, assassins, anything physical (you can specialize in as many or as few of these concentrations as you want). They are in charge of guarding the entrance of the Vista, marking the area, and keeping the rest of the pack safe. Anything unusual they report to the Captain.

-Den Mothers: The leader of the Caretakers. This role organizes what tasks are given to the Caretakers for the day. The Den Mother has the most herbal knowledge out of all the Caretakers and is in charge of training any of the new Caretakers.

- Caretakers: The healers, midwives, and pup-sitters of the packs. These wolves must have a basis of knowledge in herbs to help out when needed and if there are no pups currently in the pack. These wolves also work to keep herbs stocked for winter.

- The Body: The main body of the pack. This rank is basically the entry level that most wolves fall into upon joining but it also has its own duties that are expected to be fulfilled. Hunting for the pack is this role's main job and in times of war they must give aid with fighting if necessary. Basic fighting techniques are a must and if one feels they are lacking, training sessions can be scheduled with the Guards. They too have a hand in helping to guard the tunnel entrance.

- Elders: The older wolves of the pack that have grown too old to properly perform their normal duties. They have earned their rest but may be called upon for their wisdom.

- Sprouts: The pups of the pack. This rank holds all the wolves that are less than a year old. At one year the pups are allowed to choose which rank they'd like to join and begin training with the older wolves to become full-fledged members.

- Captives: Prisoners of war, or members of the pack that are being punished. These wolves are given menial, tiring tasks to keep them busy and are heavily looked down upon.


- Spring: To bring in the new season the pack will gather together for a hunt. It is a bonding exercise that will be used to help feed the entirety of the pack after a lean winter.

- Summer: The pack will be gathered together on one of the hottest days and taken to the local lake to swim.

- Fall: A day of games and fun will be had. Sparring matches, races, tag, you-name-it.

- Winter: The pack will gather together during a cold night and tell stories to one another.


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