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Fable Saxe Adoption

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Alright, So i am seeing if there would be any interest in someone adopting Newts sister Fable.

Fable Saxe was the first born daughter to Crane and Skinner Saxe. She use to love her sister until their father was brutally murdered by a usurper. A stranger came and convinced their pack to revolt against the roylas and he had a loyal follower murder their father. Newt had unfortunately witnessed their fathers death and it essentially started the break down of her mind that she still suffers from today.

Their mother crane had entrusted Newts safety to her liter mate Fable. Newts memory at the time was constantly fluttering from the past, to not remembering anything short term memory wise, to being jumbled. She eventually learned how to deal with her ramblings and riddles. However, the resent me began to grow and she became cruel to her sister. She would abuse Newt mentally first. Pick at her less than beautiful figure. She would scoff at her gender fluid behavior and constantly remind her than she is in fact a female and an ugly one at that. Eventually the abuse increased to physical and she began biting her harder and harder till she would draw blood. Newt became accustomed to the abuse and began accepting it as her reality and Fable prayed on it. She enjoyed the power she felt by punishing her sister for the turmoil she felt and her damn obligation to take care of her.

Eventually Newt broke free from Fable grasp and ran off to build an empire for herself and build her ever growing Legacy of the Saxe Clan. Fable however, bitter from her forced life, never had a mate or children to call her own. Not that she cant in the future.

So, anyone who desires to play Fable. she must be cunning, manipulative, and controlling. She must crave to regain control over her sister and use her to obtain any ambitions that she crave. (Good luck getting her away from her new pack tho lol) She will be ruthless in her search for her sister and will use anyone as a means to get to her.

I think she will be fun for dramas. Plot ideas id have for fable would be to find a friend who can help her and know her true intentions of destroying her sisters mind. For sure possibly joining the pack newt is apart of and trying to put doubt in her pack mates ears about her, and subtly tormenting Newt again and making her crave that abuse that she was so use to.

Character development could be up to adopter, maybe eventually she can get past her hatred for her sister or it can get worse. It would be fun to see where they go with her.

Please post a RP sample of her, maybe her first encounter with her sister. Newt wouldn't recognize her initially but Fable would know her need for blood to know someone, so perhaps she would bleed herself enough to have newt taste her and remind her who she is.

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