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Rache, Satchel


gender: Male

age: 6

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He/ Him
First Skill: Intuition
Second Skill: Endurance
Third Skill: Tolerance
Constellation: The Shadow
Affiliation: Chaotic Neutral
Roleplay Sample:

He still wasn't quite sure how to take this.

Feeling as if it might be safer up high, away from the greater truths involving himself. Walking along, alone and void of direction as his heart strings refused to relent that fickle tune he'd played for so long. Electric stare cut through the air, to claim everything and nothing at once. Somehow it always ended back up this way, afraid to admit it might just be his fault after all. A terrible emptiness, causes unknown and by now malignant.

It was hard to remember when the last time someone loved him. There was nothing but red out here, the one color constant in his life only it was most of the time in liquid form. A taste stained in the back of his throat, rehab had failed and now? Now, here he was. Inhaling the stench of fresh air, with it drifted the signs of another. Brows furrowed, A sudden thrill, ears flung forth as his slender frame traversed the distance between them. Curious to know, if this would end up the same as the rest.

A silence about him he could not shake, greying muzzle sniffed out her location until he noticed the splash of red in a sea of the lost. Slowing down, he watched her for a few minutes as he struggled to teach himself new tricks. Once he was a good guy, and then he just wasn't. A sudden ache so powerful it hurt to breath, his elastic heart collapsing and expanding. He knew how the old ways might go down, but he was so damn fucking tired. Of being him. Swallowing the rest, inching forth to greet whatever might come.

Soon enough he was mere yards away, body language neutral as he took in every inch of her. Wounded by those words she spoke, wistful in thinking he might be half as brave. Not long before, it all came out. "what the hell are you waiting for?" hushed tones as he watched, sitting down upon weary haunches. If only, if only.

Desired Plots: come one, come all Wink

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gender: Female

age: 24

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