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blood and bone

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Raiden was persistent, relentless in his quest for answers; “Then maybe it is the sky itself. Something about the sun lowering that changes it... Or another piece of the puzzle that I'm missing altogether.” Sanada could almost hear the whirring of the machinery that was his brother's mind, gears grinding to formulate a hypothesis. Sanada tilted his nose skywards, his fiery eyes searching the heavens, trying to see what Raiden could see: a great puzzle in the sky, awaiting a solution. Would the lowering of the sun lead to an explosion of colours? Perhaps, but, like his brother said, there was a missing link—what would the descending sun trigger to cause colours—but it was unlikely that Sanada would figure it out. He lifted his shoulders, indicating that he neither accepted nor rejected Raiden's revised proposal. Simply that he could not help. “If you ever find out, tell me. Especially if my guess is right.” A slight tug of a smirk played upon his lips.

Nastasya; an unknown name, one that Raiden hurried to explain, “Oh, ah, she's a friend and traveling companion of mine. Enjoys observing things as much as I do!” A brow quirked as Sanada regarded his brother, a small huff escaping his parted lips, “Replacing me already, huh.” He canted his head, tilting his muzzle toward his brother, “with someone smarter, huh!” Teasing retort—albeit tinged with jealousy—aside, it was good for Raiden to have found a friend who shared his aptitude for knowledge and ability to read their world, gleaning answers from derived texts.

“Spiders, you say?" He could hear curiosity within his query, but his brother said nothing more. What Raiden wanted to say was silenced, contained within his mind, allowing Sanada to conclude his... poor attempt at storytelling with a question. He cast his gaze down, thoughtful, “Well... what sort of vow to begin with?” Sanada could feel Nassar's hot breath upon his throat, the sting of her teeth, and the scorch of her words. “To protect. You promised to protect someone after your mistakes hurt them.” A laughing snort erupted out of him, “I mean, nearly killed them.” His laughter faltered into stuttered chuckles, as a sudden chill swept over his body. “Did it have anything to do with the spiders?” There was a teasing note in Raiden's tone as he ventured another question. Collecting enough data to construct a probable plan. A frown fell upon Sanada's brow, “Yes. That's the 'nearly killed them' bit.” There was more to the story, but he wanted to know Raiden's preliminary thoughts.

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Raiden laughed but was quick to react to that jealousy in his brother's tone with a reassurance, “No one could ever fully replace you, dear brother... Though she is certainly smarter.” He stuck his tongue out betwixt his front fangs, displaying it in a cheeky little display at his brother. Ribbing and teasing always came second nature and he knew it was an easy way to smooth things over.

Teasing was certainly always easier than seriousness but they were adults and could not live their lives fully in folly. It appeared that his brother had had life catch up to him and give him a dose of terrifying reality.

He didn't like to hear that apparently San had something bad happen. Had nearly gotten someone killed by the sounds of it. Vows were vows. Promises in essence and what sort of man would it make you if you went about breaking them?

Air whistled out of his mouth as he sighed while he looked sidelong at his brother with sympathetic gold eyes. His words were a moment in coming as he pondered everything over in his fertile brain before speaking when he was ready. “Well, in my humble opinion seeing as vows are promises. I'd try to keep it even if I didn't like it... At the end of the day it might just be words but they're our words and it's always best to be the best man you can and honor your promises.” After all, it wasn't a good sort of person that went about making promises and vows willy-nilly only to go back later and only honor them when he felt like it.

He extended one paw in an attempt to place it reassuringly on one of Sanada's own, if allowed he would pat it in what he hoped was a comforting gesture. “But we're only wolves. We can only keep our word as good as our mortal body will allow.” He smiled, a sad thing as he looked fully over at Sanada. What had managed to go on in his absence? Sanada giving a vow to someone, surel, but apparently it had gone awry and now it weighed heavy on his mind.

He wasn't sure if his words would make Sanada feel better but the man had asked his opinion and he'd given it, as softly as he could. If one wanted the honest, calculated truth then by the gods he was the right wolf to come to.

“I am speaking”

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