[ P ] Spring in Your Step


It was one of the few occasions that she was on her own gathering herbs and such. Typically, she and Adair would go on his patrol together and she'd pick up some herbs while they were patrolling the Pine Forest. While the two of them didn't own this land, they were wolves of habit. Both having grown up in a structured pack, it felt natural to do such a thing. Especially since they had their den in the forest. She was down by the creek today, since some of the herbs she was keeping an eye on for their spring growth only grew nearby water sources.

Pale cream paws carried her from the outskirts of the area their den was in as she made her way down towards the creek. Thoughts ran through her mind as she did so, mainly thoughts of her and Adair if the healer was being honest with herself. She felt herself caring for the white knight more and more with each passing day.. Cheiren didn't exactly know what to do with these feelings... but perhaps just telling Adair about them might help her sort these feelings out better. Or maybe talking to him about them would just confuse her more. Argh she didn't know what to do with these feelings at this point. A sigh escaped the healer as she padded by the creek, sticking her nose into each patch her herbs to check the new growth of each herb.

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Ikiaq was drinking from the creek when her audits had jumped to attention. She paused, her black nose still poised over the surface of the water, piercng eyes gazing into the trees ahead, when the russling came again. Subtle, but consistant. Shhhhh.

The ivory femme took a step away from the bank and disappeared into the cover of the pine forest, the iridescent flash of her eyes like orbs as she waited to see who would step out into the open. More than likely, it was just a bear or deer that had come to drink at the water's edge just like she had. If it were any danger to her—if it had been stalking her—it wouldn't have approached so carelessly. Ikiaq was in a slyly cheerful mood. Perhaps she would get to have a little fun today. Maybe she would gain something from it.

The she-wolf that stepped out of the trees and up to the bank was not exactly what Ikiaq had been expecting... but wasn't an altogether shocking reveal. The female was larger than Ikiaq, with a coat of russet, tan, cream, and browns. The colors streaked and blended along her sides handsomely. She had a slender frame, but Ikiaq could still see her muscles moving beneath the thickness of her coat.

Curious, Ikiaq watched as the female regarded the small plants that were growing in sparse patches by the water's edge. The brown-mottled wold prodded her nose into each small burst of green as if nuzzling a pup before moving on to the next one. After a few moments, Ikiaq's curiosity peaked enough to send her stepping out into the open. As she did, she saw in sudden detail that the stranger's eyes were two different colors—one was a vivid green, the other an icy blue like her own. Ikiaq knew this wolf. They had met once before, in the pine forest when snow had blanketed the ground and climbed up their forelegs in an attempt to swallow them.

She smiled, the gesture both warm and sly. "Tending to your... weeds?" she ventured. It was odd, she had to admit, coming to the water to drink only to find a wolf she knew—still nearly a stranger—nosing in some creekbed greens. The jest was mostly playful, a way to "break the ice."

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