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Kindness. Honor. Loyalty.
The Indrani Kingdom prides itself on loyalty, kindness and protection for the weak. One does not need to be a valiant warrior to be welcomed within the pack. Healers, pups, elders... You name it, they are welcome within the borders and ranks so long as they follow the Code of Honor for Indrani Kingdom.

If one joins the Indrani Kingdom, they must abide by the Code of Honor for the Kingdom:

I shall defend the Indrani Kingdom and the laws of the land.
I shall respect and defend the weak, the sick, and the needy.
I shall love and protect my Kingdom.
I shall not retreat from adversity nor from challenge.
I shall ceaselessly oppose evil and deceit.
I shall perform scrupulously my civic duties
I shall remain faithful to my pledged oath.
I shall prudently give alms and aid.
I shall be everywhere and always the champion of right, good, and tolerance against injustice.

Queen CheirenKing Name Here
Heir NameHeir Consort
Prince Princess
Lord AdairLord/Lady
Royal MedicRoyal Knight
Advisor Eldane
Citizen GraceKnight Mordecai


Bonding Ceremony
When two wolves wish to take their bond further than that of simply just mates, a healer within the pack can perform this sacred ceremony. The healer recites the words "With this ceremony we shall bond these two wolves closer than the typical bonds of matehood. The bond of blood is stronger than any other bond. Will you each make a small cut in your front left paw please?" Both wolves make a small cut in their left front paw, large enough to cause bleeding. They then press their front left paws together, and the healer recites another statement while wrapping a thin piece of deerskin leather around their paws: "With the blood shared between these two wolves, and this piece of leather binding their paws, I now say this in front of the eyes of the pack.. (Wolf 1 name) and (Wolf 2 name) are now bonded mates." The new bonded pair are now given a short reprieve from their pack duties to spend time with one another growing their bond.

Rank-Up Ceremony
When a wolf has achieved mastery of their skill under a mentor, they will be given a ceremony in which they are given their full rank. The King and/or Queen perform this ceremony. The ranking up wolf is honored by the rest of the pack, and the entire pack will say their name with their new rank preceding it. They are also given first dibs at the next major pack hunt.

Royal Pup Ceremony
When a litter of royal pups is born, and the queen is fully rested from the birth, the litter is then presented to the rest of the pack. Typically, the first born pup of the litter will be named the Heir to the pack unless the first born is sickly. At this presentation of the pups, the Heir is named in front of the pack, but the royals privately name a second pup as a secondary heir in the event the first one dies or is killed. They never disclose this information, to keep the pup safe.

The leaders of the Kingdom, he and the Queen are on the same footing usually. However, whoever is related to the royal bloodline/founders of the pack will hold more power. Typically, the King and Queen are a mated pair. But they aren't always, sometimes they are siblings or related in some way other than marriage.

The heir is the wolf who is next in line to the rank of King or Queen. Usually, this is the oldest pup of the King and Queen but it can be a niece/nephew, or an adopted pup.

Heir Consort
The Heir Consort is a rank that only will be available to the mate of the heir and only if the heir is old enough to hold a mate. This rank is just to signify that the heir has a mate, but the wolf who holds this rank doesn't actually have much pull in the pack.

This rank is reserved for the sons/daughters of the King and Queen. They don't really have any power in the pack, but they do hold a respected rank within the pack as part of the Royal Bloodline

Lord and Lady
Basically the 'Betas' of the pack, they are second in command to the Royalty and are in charge of the pack when the King and Queen are gone from the land. They will often speak with the Royalty in matters of major consequence, on things that are large things for the Kingdom as a whole.

Royal Medics
The royal medic is the one who has proven their skill in medicine. They are the first healer to be called upon when the Royalty are sick, or if they need tending to. If there is no royal medic, then the best medic from the rest of the Medic group will be called upon. They also serve as the teacher for the rest of the medics and medic apprentices.

Royal Knight
The royal knight of Indrani Kingdom is the best warrior, and is in charge of all the knights within the kingdom. They take their orders from the King and Queen, and relay the orders to the rest of the knights of the Kingdom. They also serve as teachers for the knights and knight apprentices.

The healers of the pack, these wolves are skilled in medicinal herbs and are knowledgeable about sicknesses. They all should know some about helping a female birth a litter, though there are some specific areas that medics can focus on within Indrani Kingdom. Medics can choose to focus on sicknesses, broken bones/displaced limbs, or birthing litters. There are also apprentices for this rank, though there is not a set rank for them. If a wolf wishes to become a medic, they will be assigned a more-skilled medic to mentor them.

The warriors of the pack, these wolves are the line of defense for the Indrani Kingdom. These wolves are highly skilled fighters, and are brave and noble wolves. There are apprentices for this rank as well, though they aren't technically a separate ranking. When a wolf wishes to become a knight of the kingdom, a mentor will be assigned to teach them.

The scouts of the pack are the swiftest wolves within the kingdom. They are messengers to other packs and they also help keep tabs on the prey of the kingdom. These wolves are swift and light on their paws. They do take apprentices, but theirs are a more select group, as only the swiftest wolves graduate to become true scouts.

The other members of the kingdom who choose to not specify as a Knight, Medic or a Scout. These wolves make up the general population of the Indrani Kingdom, and are typically the hunters of the pack or the pup-sitters of the pack, should the need arise.

The elders of the Kingdom are highly revered, as they are the oldest and the wisest members of the pack. They, along with the nursing mothers and pups, are the first to eat in times of scarcity. These wolves are not required to do anything but live out their last years under the protection of the Kingdom.

The youngsters of the kingdom, any pups that are belong to the pack are well taken care of. Until they are 6 months to a year old, they are not allowed to leave the pack lands unaccompanied by an adult wolf, as pups are precious to the pack and must be protected at all costs.

As a note, just because your character is a certain rank, for example a medic, doesn't mean they can't help out with other things around the kingdom~ A medic can help hunting, or a wolf of any other rank can help out with anything, if they ask the one in charge of the rank first.


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