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Snap. The crunch of brittle bone within sturdy jaws sent shivers down his spine. The warm, coppery metallic taste of blood was a sorely missed taste. Slowly, trickling down his throat and revitalizing the man made of ice. The hare that he had managed to catch was dangling limply from his blood stained jaws, the blood staining his ivory chest. Oh, he must have looked a sight!

Quite proud of himself, Leviathan settled down to eat his chosen prey. He was playing a dangerous game here; he smelt the borders and it was a clear indication that someone now owned the Pine Forest, so, like a good little boy he stayed clear and made sure his catch was on the outside of the territory. Though, it would be fun to take a peek and see exactly whom lived here, it was a job that would be done at a different time. For now, he had to gather his strength... or at least, scrape by. And to think; he was once a mighty Prince!

He had grown gaunt, yet his eyes held a mirth of something. Once, they had been hollow and vacant. The verge of death. Yet since the visit from his sacred Snowbird, he had roused himself from the darkest shadows and slowly, slowly he was upon the mend.

As tender flesh filled the gaping hole within his stomach; Leviathan thought of his family... Ketséah had vanished without a trace, as if a ghost had visited him all those moons ago. Perhaps she was... just a figure? Perhaps he was dreaming. Impossible. Ghosts did not exist! A growl curled his lips, savagely stripping meat from small bones. He was growing weak minded! Weak over all. And all because of her.


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[OOC: This is set on the outskirts of Idrani Territory!]


Eldane wandered aimlessly through the territory, realing over the fact that he had a pack again, something he hadn't had in months. He still shuddered when he remembered the feeling of being hugged or touched. Almost craving it once more, he had just laid down to rest when a scent caught in the breeze. A scent he recognized from his childhood. A scent that caused his vision to tinge red. He rose to his feet and took off in long agile stride, his lightweight body floating over rocks and limbs unlike how he was in his younger days.

"I am breaking inside so..."
"What more do you want from me?"

He began to reach the edge of the pine as his gaze hardened. Icy glare set on an identical pair that caused his anger. His chest gave an out a deep rumble, similar to the booming of thunder as he leapt over a rock, perching at the top with his top lip curled as he bore his fangs in the direction of his cousin, the grey that laid against the back of his neck sprang upwards. Making the arch in his neck elevae as he stood at full height. His skeletal form tense as he rumbled down to the almost identical male.

"Leviathan." He growled, baritone notes laced in pain. The wolf so much different from the squeaky-voiced yearling Leviathan had abandoned. He now stood tall as his cousin, his voice deepened and raw so much so it made his chest vibrate madly. His body to shudder when he spoke as the voice proceeded the lankness of his figure.
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Ears flickered as a growl and rush of movement caught his attention. Nonchalantly, as ever; he continued to finish his kill. He was not overstepping. He had not placed a paw past the very, strongly scented boarders. But, he knew he was walking upon thin ice. But he did not care. Not anymore. "Leviathan." Crack. And the ice that he gingerly traipsed upon shattered beneath his weary paws.

He was met by icy eyes. Ones familiar and childish. He reigned over him now, a looming shadow. Yet... still not formidable. Slowly, his gaze met that of Eldane. And a sickening smile grasped his jaws.

"Ah, brother..."

He straightened then; all that was left upon the dropped carcass was brittle bone. They crashed to the floor in a light and airy thump.

"Look at you now, so high and mighty!"

His tone was dry. Sharp as the ice that swarmed within his gaze. But he could not help but chuckle. In a mocking sort of way. Yes, Eldane was far from the scrawny high-pitched yearling that he had taken in. And oh, he tried to accept him, tried to treat him like family.

But he never could.

"I would have placed a thousand bets on you not surviving."

With a mocking sigh. He quirked one icy brow.

"Yet... Here. You. Are."

His words slithered though his jaws and laced with fine honey.

Bite me.


Table By Raven, Art By Lunicea <3


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