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Amethyst hues scanned the scorched forest, or what remained of it anyway. Ash dusted his limbs with each step, only a few trees remained, most of them scorched and dead. Life was trying to regrow, small clusters of greenery peaking out against the blackened earth. What a fire it must have been... Pushing aside the stench of what remained, he could smell a pack, not too terribly far away though he was a safe distance from their borders.

He was alone for the moment and for that he was slightly less grouchy. His temper still rippled restlessly beneath the surface, its hunger far from quenched since his little pale dove had decided to rouse it. It was easy enough to avoid her though, it took almost no effort on his part, plus her healing injury slowed her down. He struggled to feel any sort of guilt or unease for his outburst, she had brought it on herself.

Bored, paws carried slowly in the direction of the pack, never did he get within sight or earshot of the borders, careful to remain a comfortable distance. But he was interested in stumbling a pack wolf, it about time he started to learn about the packs that resided here, perhaps find one that suited him.


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Odysseus is always rated MATURE for violence, language, sexual content, gore and other triggers.
Is it possible to fix what is beyond repair?

Eldane walked along with the ashy lands, his gaze misty and distant as he recalled the events he had witnessed. The wolves screaming, columns of fire churning as the god anchored to the earth traveled into the stares where he rested. A sigh leaving his lips as he prayed the god rest in peace before continuing to walk. His eyes closed as he traveled aimlessly. The sound of another's paws caught his ear as he slowly raised his head to catch the gaze of a large male. Tilting his head to the side to pop his neck he turned himself. Approaching the male smoothly without much hesitation, something unlike himself. This early in the morning after a fight with his only family left he was more in need of relief from stress, perhaps a conversation that wouldn't end up in snarls and batting paws.

"Mornin." He rumbled, deep voice farther gravely from lack of speech and sleep. His icy eyes, once electric with energy now sat broken and exhausted, aging the young man beyond his years. His boney shoulders rolled back slightly to take the pressure off his back a grimace touching his lips at his soreness.

Noticing the male was walking in the direction of pack lands he chose to walk along with him, given they were heading the same place. Giving a small sigh as he looked over the man, muscular, full-bellied. Something Eldane envied, this man looked how he should have. Before it was robbed from him at an early age. Neglect and abuse had left him skin and bones, unable to put on any weight as it all went to keeping his tall figure.

"Don't mind if I walk with ya?" He rumbled. Keeping pace with the man as he countered up beside him to walk and talk if the male so chose. Keeping his head hung slightly too look less of a threat, he wasn't in the mood of fighting today, the length of his neck made his body look serpent-like as it stretched in front of him rather than high as it should. His shoulder blades jutting out like stones on sand.

"Eldane is speaking..."

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It was the thud of paws striking the earth that he heard first, followed by the deep rumble of greeting. Amethyst hues shifted from the area in front of him to the shadowy brute that approached. Upon first glance, he didn't quite believe this was the male that had spoken to him. His expression was that of a defeated wolf, tried one too many times by fate. His body was wire thin, looking barely strong to withhold the weight of his own bones. The wolf looked older than he may have actually been. "Mornin." He returned the greeting, lyrics neutral.

The unnamed wolf fell into step beside him, asking if he'd mind some company. "Sure." He would neither shun the wolf nor accept him with a warm embrace, maintaining his neutrality. They walked in silence for a few moments, until he took note that the pack scent that clung to the brute matched that of the pack nearby. Steely gaze drifted sidelong towards the wolf. "You belong to this pack?" Deep baritones rumbled. The malnourished wolf walked with his head low, looking even less threatening that he already did.

Perhaps he could pump this one for a bit of information. Unless his appearance was a result of him being at the bottom of his pack. Assessing hues would peer over at the wolf, looking rather expectant.


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Odysseus is always rated MATURE for violence, language, sexual content, gore and other triggers.

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