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She wasn't shy about pressing herself all over the smaller wolf, finding it kind of amusing to be so large next to them by comparison but all the same, she was simply happy the other didn't freak out. Even if she wasn't blind herself, she knew she still startled easy if something abruptly touched her without being visible first, it made her a little concerned for the silver woman. She was still perceptive enough to tell the other didn't find comfort in the motion by how stiff they were, making her withdraw herself sooner than she would normally. Worry covered her face, wondering how the other responded when those that didn't announce their existence came barreling toward her or grabbed her without warning. "I'll always alert you before touching you, okay? I don't wanna scare you. If I fail at that, feel free to bite me!" she breath out a promise, voice a little softer knowing well she did things without thinking.

Surprise washed over her as Aurelia spoke out with the same conviction but in her stead rather than her own, staring for a moment before giggling loudly and hopping around with energy in each step. "You tell em! Or tell me? Not sure but yes! Males drool, neither of us need them!" she cheered, running off the energy. Her cotton tail swayed like crazy, buzzing from the excitement high. It was wonderful to hear someone else with the same vigor, even if it was only in dialog and not exactly shouted like her.

With anticipation for the prospect of a game starting, her paws danced in place, tongue gliding over her teeth with her accidently nipping it and wincing. The sting on her tongue was rude in her opinion, thinking the universe's fault that she just hurt herself on accident. It didn't dull her enthusiasm, what did was the she-wolf speaking softly and nervously about a request they wanted made into a promise. She thought it strange, feeling like her guidelines covered the prospect by stating they could answer or take a punishment but maybe that wasn't enough, they needed reassurance that she wouldn't cause them strife over not doing so. A frown covered her lips and she plopped herself onto the ground, not out of disappointment or thinking the other didn't trust her but something else entirely.

"Aurelia cross my heart and hope you stab a pinecone in my eye! I won't make you answer anything, you don't even have to do a dare if you don't want to. But ummm if the idea of the game makes you uneasy, than you can say no...we can do something else. Something you wanna do or try. No game is fun if not everyone is happy and smiling and carefree," she cooed, trying to be supportive and understanding. She didn't know why the other was so on edge with a game she thought was pretty straightforward but she wasn't going to push it on anyone, that wasn't what a good friend or sister did.



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Aurelia let out a small laugh at Mahin's comment. "Okay," though she doubted she would be biting the other woman any time soon. She was glad Mahin was agreeable with her comment -- she couldn't believe her father had tried to marry her off like that without even asking her if she liked that other man. If her own father had even bothered sticking around long enough to try something like that... she cringed at the very thought. Aurelia knew she needed help, but she didn't want any help like that.

The silver woman's ears flicked as Mahin promised not to force her to do or say anything she didn't want to and a weight lifted from her chest.

"Thank you... maybe we could play hide and seek... you hide first..." she offered. She sat down, ears flicking. "I don't need to close my eyes to start counting do I?" she joked. A game like this seemed like one she would be much better at. Her sharpened sense of smell would guide her to Mahin... unless she used some sort of trick. It would make the game harder, but Aurelia wouldn't mind much.

She looked towards the larger female curiously, anticipating her response and readying herself for the 'hunt' as she liked to call it.

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Small ears perked at the other's laugh, prompting her to laugh as well, more than happy to hear the other starting to relax in her presence since she was starting to think they'd remain stiff as a tree truck forever. "You have a really pretty laugh," she complimented, grinning ear to ear. An urge to howl in excitement shot through her but she managed to hold the bubbling down, instead hopping around, up and down the decline a couple times before landing back in place in front of the smaller she-wolf. Her constant energy was a problem but she was doing her best to remain calm as the other listened, thought and responded as she had seen fit, not wanting to rush them any. One thing she had learn from losing friends before a friendship even started was that her rash nature caused others to flee, her lack of boundaries made them uncomfortable and her noise made them weary. Even if she didn't think she could do much for her voice, she felt she could at least try fixing the first two issues she had. Calm down and keep space, sounded simple but it wasn't.

Her fur ruffled as the other spoke up, feeling shiver run down her spine as she was once again reminded how smooth the other's voice was. It contrasted her own so much. Now is not the time to think about that, Mahin! she mentally cursed herself from getting distracted. Maybe they could teach her how to sooth her high pitched voice one day! Shaking her head, whipping her fur around before she sat up straight, a lopsided grin played upon her lips as she took in what was proposed.

"You're welcome!" she chimed, tail thumping as she was thanked. Then her focused zoned in the other bringing up hide and seek again, nodding eagerly, jumping up then sliding down into a play pose. Before she could get anything else out, she was caught off guard by a joke, not really expecting one especially at their own expense. "Of course not! Keep those pretty pearlies wide open if you want to! Ooooo your nickname should be Pearly! There are so many good places to hide here. Go ahead and start counting!" she cheered before turning tail and taking off. "Also be careful about the stream, I don't want you drowning!!!" she called, the voice getting further away. She didn't intend to go very far, not wanting to get more lost than she already was, as well as to not allow her new friend to lose track of her, after scent was all over the place in this direction.

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