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The sun was shining bright today, though he could barely see it through the thick canopy of the pine forest. He paused in his walk to stretch his legs and crack his spine and neck. The 'crrrick! noise was muse to his ears and he sighed joyfully at the sweet release. Standing up, he shook out his fur and then kept going. It was nice to be able to get out and stretch his legs some, especially since he'd been nursing some nasty wounds over the last few weeks. Those wounds were healing and soon they would fade away into memory. He still had his pretty face and that was all that mattered.

A light chuckle escaped him as he stumbled upon a fresh water stream. His lips suddenly felt dry as he realized how parched he was. Licking his dry lips, to no avail, he skidded down the bank headfirst and quickly dropped his head to drink the moment his toes dipped into the cool water.

He impatiently gulped the water down until his belly was uncomfortably full and he had to plop down to take a minute. Groaning, he rolled onto his side on the grassy back and lay there. Why did he always do this? He let out a quiet laugh and his eyelids drooped a little. He felt so full, though he was just full of water.

Maybe he could just take a quick nap. He had walked quite a waste to get here. It would hurt to close his eyes for a bit...

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When she moved, it was constructed only of grace and beauty. Amelia weaves effortlessly through the trees, her dark eyes scanning about her environment and documenting everything from smallest rock to the tallest timber. Mentally, she mapped it all, and kept it filed away for later use. Once again her mind was churning, conjuring scenarios and situations that she could eventually manipulate into her own desires, all involving how the initial meeting would go with Blackfoot. How she longed for it, yet dreaded it. It was a conflicting feeling, but one she was quite familiar with. And as her mind ran away with her concentration, she almost missed the lingering scent of a male.

Miss Detherage stopped in her tracks, her mind coming to a slow halt. Her body pivoted in the general direction of the cologne’s trail, and began to follow it. Soon enough, she came across a multi-hued mass laying dismantled on the ground. Amelia’s head tilted slightly as she took a quick stop to observe a moment. She calculated swiftly that he must be a particularly confident wolf to allow himself to remain so vulnerable. It was then she let all the options of how to play her cards arise. Should she approach submissive, timid, searching for her lost family, a damsel in distress? Or should she flip it, remain the dominate, demand respect and hope for the best? Perhaps she should instead have a rather neutral approach to the male, keeping manners and a kind tone. Ah, so many ways, so little time. It was then the beautiful serpent made her way toward him, making her presence known verbally.
”It is a fine day to relax, I will agree.”
She paused by the water’s edge, dipped her elegant skull and took a small drink as she awaited his response.

Lachlan's ear twitched at the sound of a voice and he opened a single amber eye to peer at the mystery woman who'd approached him. "That it is," he breathed blissfully. He opened both eyes now and rolled onto his too-full belly so that he could get a better look at her. She was smaller than him, thought not by much, and her fur was quite beautiful.

He watched her as she dipped her muzzle to take a small drink and then he cracked a half-smile. He probably should have done the same.

"Lachlan," he offered. He would have stood up to greet her, but he feared he'd get a cramp if he did too much with such a full stomach and he would be loathe to do anything that made him uncomfortable. With a flick of his ear, he glanced around the forest. It was just them and the birds singing in the trees. "Come here often?" he asked with a light chuckle accompanying his words.

He'd never seen her around, so either they had never crossed paths before or she was not from here. The latter seemed more likely, but you never knew. It was a small world.

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Miss Detherage could be polite and kind all ok day long if she needed to be. She could keep up her charades for aeons. This Lachlan didn’t seem to want to challenge her resolve though. He offered his name easily, and she turned her head to get a better look at the man. He sat upright now, though his belly protruded heavily. Had he just eaten? A snake knew not to eat too much, lest they’d be left to other predators.


She returned the exchange of names, filing his away along with his scent for later reference. His next question pulled a bubbly giggle from her chest.

”No, not really. And yourself?”

A warming smile accompanied her words, as she let dark emerald lenses fall from his own back down to the water’s glassy surface. Her tongue ached for another drink, and so she obliged with a small sip so as to not end up like her dear counterpart.

”is this part of your home? You seemed quite at ease.”

Her voice was melodic, charming, compassionate all twisted into one - yet dripping with toxic honey. She once again moved to observe the man, her countenance offering an inviting expression.

"Ahh melia," he drawled, leaning back and glancing up at the sunlight which was nearly shrouded by trees. They could not reach one another, for the river separated them. "Pretty name." He looked back down at her and smiled. "No, not really. Just came for a drink. Drank a little too much," he admitted.

Lachlan looked around the woods at the mention of this being his home. He wouldn't consider the pine forest his home, though it wouldn't be a bad place to lay down roots. It was secluded, but no fortress like the caves. Not as secretive as he'd like. Someone could sneak up on ya too easy out here... he looked back to her again. "I live south, in the caves, with some others. Too open out here, but I'm not the scared one." It wasn't that he was scared of others, he just liked his privacy and the caves gave him that.

"So where are you from, Amelia?" he asked.

He stood up and shook out his earthy pelt, his belly gurgled uncomfortably. He almost rolled his eyes with annoyance. He couldn't sit around all day because of his foolishness.

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Lachlan toyed with her name in his mouth, rolling it off his tongue in such a way that drew her eyes in, focusing on his maw. He went on to say he lived in some caves, accompanied by others, but wandered out for a bit. A pack, maybe? She was intrigued. Perhaps he could bring her to them, and she could infiltrate them all. Perhaps she could interrogate them, squeeze them for information. Surely someone knew something. Her train of thought was broken when he asked where she was from. Emerald lenses flickered before shifting to lock with his own. Her history was not something she shared, and where she came from was most definitely apart of that. But Miss Detherage offered a smile, a soft giggle, and a gentle shake of the head.
"Oh here and there. It’s all a blur to me, really."
She played it as if she had been abandoned at pup hood. She left it vague as if to imply she had suffered a great tragedy at a young age.
"You live in the caves, just south of here? What an interesting place to choose. To each their own though I suppose."
Delicate shoulders rose and fell in a soft shrug, as she took a few steps closer to the man.
"Is it a pack? You strike me as a more dominant type. I’d wager you lead the gathering, or maybe have a high rank."
Amelia attempted to stroke his manly ego, all the while silently siphoning information. Men were usually the same. Inflate their pride and they were easily played with. Such simple pawns. And now the russet serpent waited, moving to sit with him, hoping this would be a most useful conversation.

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"We'll sharpen your teeth and the snakes start to sing." Heaven's full and Hell won't have me.

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Amelia was quick to deflect when it came to herself, Lachlan was smart enough to notice that. However, she was very interested in him. He raised a brow and wondered why.

He didn't think too much on the matter as she moved to sit beside him. "Well, I am the leader of this pack, if you wanna call it that. For now, we are too few to really be referred to as such. I'd like to think in the future that'll change." He flicked an ear and thought about how much more work this all had been than he'd expected. Maybe he should have made someone else do the work for him... but who?

"And yeah... the caves are private. The type of wolves I hang out with like their privacy, if you get what I mean."

He said, chuckling a little.

Many deals could be struck in the darkness of the caves.

Lachlan looked at her, a little more pointedly than before. He was becoming sharper now that his fullness was wearing off. He was able to focus slightly better -- though one could never really say Lachlan ever focused all that much on one thing at a time. He was never a one thing at a time kind of guy.

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Too few to be called a pack, yet not too few for him to admit he was the alpha. Amelia’s dark eyes wandered over his body for a moment. He was larger than her, but many of them were. She let a warm smile creep across her lips as she listened to him, the russet serpent soaking in his information. They like their privacy, mm? Interesting. Amelia’s mind began to churn with the many ways to weave her web, but allowed her exterior to remain warm and welcoming.
"it sounds like you have quite the set up, then, Lachlan. Are you a native here?"
It was as if the question was a haphazard wonder, for then she moved to take a few more sips from the stream. Her body hunched over for the action, before moving to sit once again.
"I’m from Cyrileth, though I have never truly been part of a pack."
She went on to say, adding to the conversation with a little didbit about herself. Was it a lie? Was it the truth? Who knew. The snake of a woman was just that - a snake.

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"We'll sharpen your teeth and the snakes start to sing." Heaven's full and Hell won't have me.

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"Yep, born and raised," he said, flicking an ear. He had to agree with her about the setup. He quite enjoyed the caves and the solitude, protection and beauty the provided him. He watched her drink a moment again and then let out a sigh. "I haven't either, though I'm working on changing that. It won't be like most groups are, though. That's not my style," he said, standing up and stretching.

"I should probably head out for a hunt before it gets too late..." he said, though he wasn't sure if he wished to leave yet or not. He didn't like hunting at night, unless he went into the forest. Hunting in the sea was hard enough, doing it at night was even harder. Though it was midday, he liked to take his sweet time in anything that he did and he hadn't eaten in a while. His belly was already gurgling despite having been overfilled from water not several minutes before. Of course, water ran right through you, so that didn't really make a difference.

"If you're ever bored.. you can always come hang out in the caves with us. It's not all drab and dark, as I'm sure you know." If she was a native, surely she'd seen the hidden beauty of the ocean and it's sprawling caverns.

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Amelia Detherage
In silence she listened. His offers were kind, and she truly meant to take him up on it one day. But he was quick to leave, offering nothing to the russet serpent. Lachlan proved to be a rather useless pawn initially, but he did have immense potential. She would not keep him any longer, after all, if his words were true, he had alpha duties to attend to. Not quite a pack just yet, but growing. It fueled Amelia’s playful mind - perhaps she would have a great advantage being part of a pack. Infiltrate and earn the trust of the entire group, just to come full throttle at her target. Regardless, Amelia offered the departing Lachlan a graceful dip of the head, a beautifully sly half grin, and the slow blink of emerald lenses. But she would remain, allowing him to get back to whatever it was he was doing before her appearance in his life. Still by the water’s edge, the snake of a woman took her time in leaving. She absorbed her surroundings, filed away the scents upon the wind, and focused even harder on her goal.

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"We'll sharpen your teeth and the snakes start to sing." Heaven's full and Hell won't have me.

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