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After the russet woman agreed to his plan they set it into motion. She went off to the right and he dutifully went to the left. If there was one thing he was good at, it was concentrating on something and being in tune with its movements. So, when the deer looked as if she were wary he would stop, body coming to a complete standstill as he waited for her wariness to pass. Like this he continued forward and through the grasses he could see the russet woman performing similar actions as well until both were within ambushing range. Raiden waited, still and stiff until Amelia charged into action. At that signal he too came up and opened his jaws, biting and worrying at the doe's sides and legs.

It tried to run but they were right there, opening up bloodied wounds and weakening it all the while. Amelia didn't leap for the kill and neither did he... at first. But the fear in the doe's eyes, the wounds they were inflicting... He knew this was only prey but it pained him to see. He lunged, it was a calculated jump after the doe had dodged around undergrowth. His aim was true was he latched onto the doe's neck, pulling her down. With her weakened body and injured legs there was hardly any fight but still she attempted to stay on her feet even as Raiden's weight pulled against her. The blood was draining from her throat fast but she still didn't sag all the way to the earth.

Raiden found himself glancing at Amelia. Would she jump in to help him finish it off?

“I am speaking”

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Amelia Detherage
The pair worked wonderfully together. Raiden was skilled, and Amelia was as well. However, she normally sought out the company of another to help with the workload, even if it meant sharing the meal. She watched as he leapt, locked onto their target, and brought her down - mostly. The morsel they had chosen was strong, iron-willed, and refused to be totally slaughtered by Raiden’s jaws alone. Amelia was quick, her jaws parting, aiming to grab hold of one of the forelimbs of the prey. With the flimsy appendage betwixt her jowls, she gave a hard, unrelenting chomp, successfully breaking the fragile bones after a few good chews. The doe could hardly stand to fight much longer. To finish it, she then released the leg, and moved so that her jaws raised to wrap around a part of the doe’s neck of which Raiden had no hold on. Tightly, her maw constricted around the windpipe. Fangs sank in deep, drawing more blood, and with the weight of both of the wolves, there was no way she could fight any longer.

As their morsel wheezed her last breaths, and the light faded from her eyes, Amelia released the bloodied, dismantled mess. Blood stained her chops, and she found instinctively that her tongue lapped at the liquid.
“There now, Raiden. We’ve done it.”
Her breaths were labored, and she spoke in between them. After her maw was sufficiently cleaned, she gave him a small grin, her wicked eyes aglow with masked kindness.
“Now that is a proper meal for your Nastasya.”
She acted as if she gave a good golly about him or his beloved. And while she did not, she got a meal out of this meeting. That was enough for her.
“Shall I take a piece and let the rest be yours? Or did you need some help dragging this back? Perhaps you’d like to call her to the meal,”
She offered him all the possibilities she could think of. But one thing was for certain, she aimed to be long gone with her snack before the man’s other half arrived. Amelia had things to return to, tasks to complete. This sustenance would help to fuel such things.
Patiently, Miss Detherage waited, and remained standing so as to be ready for whatever Raiden would decide.

“Amelia is speaking.”

Heaven's full and Hell won't have me,

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