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[ P ] Early Bird
The consequences...
Dirt flew in great sprays all around him. Walter was not at all visible, being entirely swallowed by the 3-foot hole he created. Looking around at the roots of the grasses and the cool, moist earth, he rested for a second to catch his breath. “What do you think?” he asked the sky above. “Yeah, me too,” he replied, having heard some answer he deemed worthy of a response.

From the edge of the hole, more dirt began to fly. His tongue lolled out the side of his mouth as he dug, his eyes fixated on the spots where his claws were excavating the soft earth. A large, reddish earthworm joined the display, being slung several feet through the air before being snatched up by an observant robin who was watching Walter.

It's ready, he thought. He sat down, eyes just able to peer over the surface of the ground and looked around. “Dammit,” he muttered under his breath. He looked back up at the sky. “You were wroooooong!” he shouted. He climbed out of the hole and looked around to scoop some of the dirt back in. Having been slung in all directions, it seemed to be an impossible task. He sat. He thought. He panted to catch his breath.

“Fine, you’re right,” he exclaimed. He went about a dozen yards to his left and began to dig a new hole.

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Pain on her side was resting on her den, observing the outside world with cautious eyes, always watchful of her environment as for Pain there was always the possibility of encountering unwanted visits that could end up with her departure of this woods. And the research of a new home would begin again. And funnily, many had crossed paths with her since she arrived, something that she disliked as her goal of being unknown to the world broke to pieces each time a stranger shared words with her. And today she hoped nothing like that happened. For once she wanted her old friend the silence and loneliness. But a growling stomach made her stand up, food was first.

Slowly walks out of her burrow, and starts patrolling the forest, searching for food. But instead of finding a meal, her ears perked up on the sound of words within the vegetation. From the little hill, she was standing she could see a wolf doing a hole. 'Okay?' She thought as stares from afar in complete silence. She had met several types of people but this was her first time seeing one doing that. She wanted to ask what were they doing but she didn't want to get involved in a stranger's affairs. But she still wanted to see what would they do next.

Walks down the hill and hides behind a bush, using the shadow to melt her dark body with. Eyes of silver staring at them, being as silent as a predator sneaking upon a helpless prey.

"Pain whispers"
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