[ P ] Feels Like Halloween

She felt more warmth from this encounter than she had in most of the time spent alone. Being able to have it again was a great feeling and she wanted more times like that for her future. Dove supported her invitation and pulled back before clearing up the rest of her face from the previous sobbing episode. Their small bonding moment ended and Dove walked to get the turkey, giving Vasilica a chance to rise and shake out her pelt as well. Dirt and debris flew from her fur, making her feel slightly more cleaner than she had before.

Black paws began to carry her after Dove, violet eyes matching the woman's as she spoke of the niceties of Astaria and its members. She nodded in understanding as they walked, ears perking to the chance of speaking with the leader - Blackfoot? - if she wished to stay longer. Vasilica could only softly smile at the thought of the possibility and she fell into step with Dove as they made their way towards the haven.

-EXIT Vasilica-


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