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[ P ] Hungry For Life


gender: Female

age: 2

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Stardust: 530✪
The sun had set and darkness was on its way to take over. As the last few rays of pink and orange shined through the leaves of the forest’s occupants, Vasilica used them to chase after a hare that had stupidly leaped out of the bushes to grab a bite to eat. Black paws raced against the soft and cold forest floor, bouncing away from the fallen leaves and pine straw that were spread around the roots and branches of nearby trees. She weaves through the trunks and finally caught up with the hare, nipping it’s hind leg and making it falter in its steady pace.

Jaws clamped around the hare’s neck after she had caught it, ending its life with a sickening crunch. The feeling of its neck being snapped made her tingle all over, an evil grin noted with the hare in her jowls. She started to walk towards a nearby set of roots, curling up and placing the hare between her front paws. It was then that she caught the feeling of someone watching her...and she let them. If they wanted to see a small blood mess, they were in for a treat.


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