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[ P ] Burning Sun


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Ivory & Smoke


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Unsure of where to go, she had wandered down to the floodplains. The canyon was most definitely cooler than the plateau. She didn't have many options when it came to wandering. Occasionally she'd stray close to someone's borders and turn straight around. Rohan had told her time and again that a gang was no place for a pup, but she wasn't keen on pack life either. Arios seemed to have a lot of good to say about his pack, but Lottie kept that a secret. Not that she and Rohan spent a lot of time together lately. It seemed her guardian had been busier than normal.

It was another beautiful day. The sun burned off the morning haze to reveal a bluebird sky. Lottie walked along the shoreline, squinting while she gazed towards the shimmering water. An occasional fish would break the surface with a small splash, piquing her interest. Rohan had warned her not to go into the water, and she remembered his words then. What good would come from splashing about when she didn't know how to swim? Still, the breeze off the water felt refreshing. With the sun at her back, she felt comfortable. Around her, life bloomed, and crickets sang noisily.

"What to do," she mused quietly.

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