[ P ] Forever and always

The time had come, the time of resting had come, she was tired after traveling weeks thought any land to imagine. Miles and miles were eaten, eaten with a special quest, a quest that since she was a mere pup wanted to complete. A task that for her meant everything, she traveled in order to find relatives she had only heard stories about, never see them in person. A thing she wanted to fix as soon as possible, she wanted to see them, to join them wherever they went. The family was meant to be together right? And Nikita wouldn't stop until she could find them. Of course, leaving her homeland was hard for her, after expending her first two years of life. But she knew she would have to leave sooner or later, and this goal she imposed to herself needed to be done at any cost.

After none stopping traveling, she found this place perfect to rest. There was plenty of water in the form of a river, and maybe she could catch a fish. She wasn't too used to it, but she didn't mind trying it again.

And in a confident walk, she made her way to the current wanting to firstly have a drink and then move to fish. Nikita wasn't afraid of many things, she was confident in anything she did. For a female, she was especially big, with a broad chest and limps. She was both, grace and strength. She trusted in her skills, she trusted her efficient thinking, she trusted in what she could do.

And there she arrived to the river's edge. Enters her front legs into a shallow region of the river's border and starts drinking from its waters. Feeling a wave of relief crawling as the cool liquid met her dry throat.

"She talks"


OC: Other Salvatores are free to join too!

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