[ P ] The Heat of The Moment
Summer was best experienced when the temperatures were no longer sweltering and made you want to pass out in the shade. Maija Artenie-Saxe was not a day person by any means; the past few years of her physically existing had proved that she hated being out with the sun. The moon was her guide and the shadows that came with the night were her allies. Anything different would have her off balance...and no one wanted that.

The sun went down and the moon rose, the temperatures dropping in the process and welcoming a sleepy Maija from her slumber. She felt the coolness slipping into her current abode, rubbing her eyes and tickling her nose to bring on the monster within. Ears flattened and eyes slowly opened, leaf-green jewels blearily shining in their sockets. A few more blinks and the rest of her began to awaken, allowing a yawn to escape and white teeth to show in her prized jowls. Slowly, but surely, she was on her way to being fully awake.

In a matter of minutes, Maija was up, well shaken all over, and setting out for her first hunt of the night. Golden paws carried the sturdy babe through the forest, instinct focusing on the scents that promised a meal for her gnawing belly. Leaf-green eyes were cold, but focused as well as she slipped between bushes of lush foliage and leaving behind no trace she had been there. A scent of a nearby doe beckoned her and she didn't have to waste time in stalking her. She leaped over the nearest small thicket of greens and with teeth and claws extended, she rammed her full weight into the doe's shoulder, mouth clamping around her windpipe and bringing her down due to shock. Pressure was applied to the doe's neck and Maija sidestepped her kicking hooves, keeping her golden coat from getting too dirty.

A low growl rumbled in Maija's chest, eyes hardening as they met the eyes of her prey, of whose light was dimming. Finally, life ceased and Maija's grip tightened on her catch before she started to drag her in the direction of a small clearing, eager to get started on her meal. Little did she know that another had witnessed her kill, for his scent had been covered by the blood that stained her snout and face.



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