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Golden paws stood at the edge of the floodplains, leaf-green eyes searching the landscape and taking it in for good measure. Her body was tense, muscles itching for a good workout and her brain was wired from the previous kill earlier that afternoon. She searched the landscape in the moonlight for any weaknesses, of which she would avoid at all costs. What she was planning to do was crazy, but Maija had never been deemed as sane. The only times such a thing was mentioned was when she was a new, how times had changed.

Golden tail flicked behind her as she stretched all four limbs, easing backward and forward before cracking her neck and all her joints with ease. She could feel someone watching her, a feeling that hadn’t been around since...well, since her last husband. She shook her head, briefly tossing the idea of him from her mind. He hadn’t reappeared and she wasn’t going to search for him. If he wanted her, he would come back.

Anyway, the feeling of being watched made her muscles flex and she walked with her head high as she set out for the elbow-deep pools of water and mud. Her pristine golden coat became drenched and mud pulled at her with a real gravitational pull, making her muscles burn as she worked to get her legs free. One step at a time, she moved forward, working her muscles hard as she continued to ensure she would become more firm and fit.

Lachlan watched her from afar curiously, thought he plains offered little to no cover he was the same color as the brush so that was helpful. Amber eyes lingered on her golden figure and he watched as she struggled through the mud. What was she even doing? He would never think to waste such time in the grime and filth. His ear flicked and he finally slipped from his hiding place. She had probably already noticed him by now anyway.

"What... are you doing?" he asked. He couldn't help but try and find out why a beautiful woman would waste her time like this. Surely she had better things to do...

The male sat down, ears flicking again thoughtfully as he watched her from his place on dry land. Well, as dry at this wretched place got. The Floodplains were a tricky area that often flooded and that muddy slop she was wading through was often strewn everywhere when the river burst through its banks.

That was a time when he would stay far away, lest he get caught in the raging current of the river and swept into an early grave. Drowning was definitely not a favorable way to go.

Maija was working on her muscles, burning calories and gaining muscle with each step she took, when the voice popped up out of nowhere. The question caused her already burning frame to flare up more, causing a growl to slowly slip from her clenched teeth. Leaf-green eyes began to scope out the landscape as her head moved in the direction of the voice, her gaze finally catching up and landing on its source. There was a male, sitting on the bank of whatever shore he deemed cleaner than the water, wondering what she was doing. It took all of what was in Maija's already amped up frame to rise and run from where she stood to approach him, but she was able to be successful and just let her upper lip curl in response.

Her growl intensified before her legs quivered and showed the tense muscles that were being worked beneath her golden fur. Ears slid against her crown as she then ceased her noises and pissed off facial expression before she continued to move forward in her chosen trail of the Floodplains. If he wanted to know so damn bad, he was more than welcome to follow her and attempt to find an answer. Of course, Maija Artenie was one of few words and that meant he would have to figure it out the hard way.


It was like Lachlan had offended her ancestors or something, the way she reacted. She bolted towards him trembling (probably from stomping around in the mud) and snarling, then stared him down with some sort of challenge in her eyes. Lachlan didn't move a muscle, he simply stared down at her with one brow raised. "Okay..." he drawled. A few seconds passed by and he stood up and took a step back. It seemed like she was in the mood for a fight or something, but he was clearly not.

"I could leave you to your mud, if you like..." he said. He thought about turning and leaving. He wasn't sure what else to do. He had no intentions of fighting her, or whatever it was that she wanted. It was unfortunate, he had merely been curious about her, but now he was disinterested. At least if he got a start soon, he could make it back home before dark so that was a plus.

His stare never wavered as he watched her. He was not afraid, but not aggressive. "My name is Lachlan, by the way." he tried again, attempting one last time to be cordial, for whatever reason.
The golden bitch had learned that there were a few ways for people to react to her upon introductions. They either were scared of her, intrigued by her prowess, or simply unimpressed. It seemed that the latter perfectly described this encounter and she didn't care either way. That being said, she had continued to walk through the mud as he spoke of leaving her by herself, but she didn't halt in her workout. It was what came next that made her next reaction so surprising.

The male introduced himself as Lachlan, a final attempt of conversation before he left for, maybe, forever. It was the last card he could play without either getting gruff of simply disappearing and erasing the image of her from his mind. Either way, Maija slowed her actions and turned her head in his direction, ears perked as leaf-green eyes met those of burning amber. "Maija," she admitted, the one word wrapped in a velvety coat of her Romanian accent. She thought it over, wondering if this male would be of any interest for her future. This, however, was hidden deep within the catacombs of her mind, so all he could see was the smooth facial features that she had grown so accustomed to keeping.

Her tail flicked behind her as she remained standing in the mucky mud, raising one leg at a time from its depths so she wouldn't get stuck. Her muscles flexed and stretched with each movement, showing off the hard work she had spent on making herself look presentable. Golden fur now tainted with muck and grime, she didn't care as she worked the tension up and out of her strong frame. She waited, wondering if he would say anything else to attempt to pique her interest.


All she gave him in return was her name, and he continued to watch her in the silence she allowed to drag out between them as she continued to do whatever senseless act she was intent on doing.

Lachlan's brow furrowed and he looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Why don't you come up out of there..." he said, his voice soft and almost playful. "I could give you a proper workout," he said. A toothy grin wound it's way onto his muzzle and he watched her now, with a daring glint in his amber eyes. In no way was he inviting her to fight, no he was suggesting other activities.

As muddied as she was, she was still a beautiful woman.

Maybe she just needed to blow off a little steam and then she would calm down.

Behind him, his tail waved in the air and his ears perked atop his head as he watched her, now curious to see if she would remain aggressive and preoccupied. He hoped to at least distract her and drag her from her self-torment long enough to get more than a name from her. If he got a little more, that was simply a bonus.
She watched him with a green glare, the icy ness not hard to miss by any means. When he tried to give her an offer she couldn’t refuse, was she supposed to respond to that? Maija was a wild card, but she hid it so well that no one knew that about her. The only one who did was probably dead and that didn’t help anybody. As the silence carried on after Lachlan’s proposal was verbally given, Maija’s jaw remained tightened and her voice remained silent. Instead of answering right away, she did something else: she advanced.

Lithe frame moved in the muddy water and closer to the shore, each step pulling her towards the stranger. Mud and muck cling to her frame, golden fur matted by the dark brown that coagulated in these waters. Muscles were made more evident as her pelt stuck to her frame, regal head held in a way that could only prove she was not the average wolf. Once she stood close enough to the male, she took a few steps away from him and softly snorted. “I doubt that,” she said, Romanian accent wrapped around her words with ease. She dropped a small hint of teasing, but it was so light, he probably missed it. It would take an observing kind of wolf to notice the small details she rarely dropped like diamonds. Otherwise, he would probably assume she was taunting him. Either way, she could have cared less.

As she moved towards him and slithered from the grime like a snake, he watched her. He was uncertain whether she was watching him with interest, or with predatory intent. His body tensed with anticipation for either. His lips curled at her comment and his teeth were exposed in a wolfish grin. "Want me to prove it to you?" he growled, though the tone was not menacing. The man moved forward and brushed his side against hers, despite the mud that plagued her. Some of it clung to his own pelt, but he didn't mind. He could wash off on the beach, where the waters were much clearer than here.

He angled his muzzle down towards her, his nape ruffling as his tail lifted. He was done with her games. "Maija, am I wasting my time?" he asked. If all she wanted to do was slop around in the mud alone, he would leave her to it gladly. "I have more to offer than just myself. I am an alpha..." he paused a moment. "What do you have to offer me?" he asked. As far as he could tell, little more than an attitude. So, he would give her one more chance, but that was it.
He approached her and brushed his body against hers. Maija immediately stiffened, fur rising on her body as a general response. Why did he think he was worthy enough to touch her, a golden goddess stuck in a mortal’s body? She watched him from the corner of her eye as he moved away from her just slightly, head tilting down to look at her as he spoke of what she could offer him. He mentioned he was a ruler, an alpha of a pack, making Maija’s interest slightly rise in curiosity. An alpha, hmm? Well, well, well...that was something.

All of this she kept well hidden behind the secured walls that protected her mind and heart. Golden tail drenched in mud flicked behind her once, causing small specks to rise and fall on the rock beneath them. Maija slowly turned her gaze towards Lachlan’s, leaf-green eyes remaining emotionless as she stared back at him. What could she offer him? So many things...but she didn’t give those away freely. “Wait and see,” she said, flicking her ears forward once before moving away from him to pursue another part of the bog. Her golden frame swished from side to side, tail swaying with it like a pendulum as she became enveloped in the shadows of their surroundings. If he was really interested, he would keep an open mind. Otherwise, he was stupidly letting go a worthy prize.

-Exit Maija-
It seemed their meeting was over and he watched her go, his brow raising at her comment. A small smile touched his face and he turned and headed home. He didn't know if he would indeed see, for he wasn't sure if he'd see her again, but if he did he was sure to make more of their meeting next time. She didn't seem like a woman of many words, but that didn't bother him any. They didn't need to talk. Lachlan's ears flicked and he paused to shake off his coat, having gotten a bit dirty from the plains.

He would head quickly home after, and make good time so that he got home before dark. He wondered if he had wasted his time coming all the way out here, and maybe he had... ah well, nothing to do about it now. Maybe next time his ventures would prove more fruitful. He supposed he should stop by the forest to pick up something to eat along the way and at least do something useful. Then at least he could come back home without empty paws. It was either that or he would have to do some fishing on the beach and he didn't quite feel like getting his paws wet again.

Exit Lachlan

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