[ P ] Freshwater Sirens
Light a match,
For I deserve to burn ;;

Deep within the pines he found himself a pool to take a dip. The body of water was not quite a lake, but larger than a pond. Ivory paws waded in, allowing the cooling waters to take hold of his body. The large, iron beast moved with grace and precision, having been a very skilled swimmer. From pup hood, he could remember swimming, diving, fishing. It was often the only way he could eat. His endurance was not of an agile wolf’s, and so hunting could be extremely taxing if done solo. Fishing, however, was best done alone.

The water gave way to his massive structure, rippling before him and cascading about his sides. In deeper he went, until the liquid touched his chest. It was then the Bear King dove under. Nose first, bubbles excreted, protesting the water’s entrance in his nasal passages. His botched ears smoothed finely to a spacious cerebrum, and his eyes closed. The water consumed him, engulfing his body in one fatal swallow. The iron and steel strands waved to the water’s behest, bending to its will. He dove deep, but he was hardly in the middle of the body of it, so he touched the sandy bottom a good few lengths down. Monstrous paws pushed off of the bottom, shoving himself back to the surface, submerging.

First his muzzle could be seen, then his throat, and then the man opened his eyes and looked about. Water droplets slid into his eyes, causing his seeing eye to blink rapidly for relief. But within the water’s grasp he remained, staying afloat, paddling to remain stationary. He worked his muscles, his limbs, while he enjoyed the quiet morning, and lonely swim.

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