[ P ] One in the same

In her silence he could see her pondering over his words, and when she finally did speak, even if only in a few words at a time, he could tell she had been hurt before. By whom? It was not his place to ask, and as time went on she would open up and explain little by little. He could understand, though there was never a point in his time that he had been weary of something or someone else on purpose. He had already been a detached soul for the most part, which made it harder for him to hurt. Even that though seemed to be changing the more he allowed other in his life, but he did not fight it and instead embraced the factors that came along with it. "You do not owe anyone your trust, I want you to remember that. All I ask is respect for respect given, when it comes to anything other then that you move at your own pace." He dipped his head to her, golden eyes never faltering from her dark features.

"As far as what you desire to do within the pack, yes, when you are ready you know where to find me." Again he dipped his head once more in respect for the woman, and to bid his farewell until they crossed paths again. She would fit fine within the ranks when she so chose one, he was sure of it. Slowly he turned and walked opposite of her to join the others, figuring she would not be so far behind after all.

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For all the lost sheep there is
The Sanctuary

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