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[ P ] the traveler


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Lucian Fritz
the traveler

It had been awhile.

Lucian stepped into the pines and had traveled far into them before realizing where he was. The odd familiarity came back to him slowly, at first. But then he began to question- the forest's similarities became ever increasing until the realization finally settled in. He'd definitely been here before, and traveled through many times.

Not much had changed for scenery. After he recognized the old paths he'd taken he began to travel at a faster pace. Only the gods knew where, he just liked to travel. Much was left behind when he first left Cyrileth, but not much would have changed in a short period of time. He couldn't begin to imagine where he'd left things off but life was whimsical and so was he, confinement drew him away. At least, that was the excuse he used. Really, when he thought of it all, pain ached in his chest and he let the thoughts go. Best not to dwell on it, It was a terrible idea leaving.

He instead allowed the forest's familiar scent drag him in. He allowed the trees to brush past him and to feel the wind at his fur. Speed had always been a good trait of his, and he enjoyed running until he was far too tired to continue. The forest took him in like an old friend and he welcomed it. He smiled, but grief nagged at him. His heart ached, even after so long, it still ached. Home.


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