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In a way, being part of a group was great motivation for heading out, exploring and perhaps gathering information - he had as many reasons not to sit at home as the Outlaws had members. He couldn't resort to drinking all the time, his head was giving a hard enough time by now... and besides, depleting all the recreational supplies would draw a considerable amount of attention. But to be honest, the dark male's irritation was starting to fade like air from a loosened balloon. As much as he wanted to wallow in it, it was beyond his control.

Where to go from there, Nicharion still wasn't sure. For now though, he found himself a distraction - the caverns by the forest's edge showed signs of consistent activity. While he didn't feel up for a more hands on investigation, it was still worth checking out. So instead, the brute found himself a comfortable rock to lounge on, near to where one of the trails leading in and out of the caves faded. Perhaps someone is going to pass by, and then he'll just improvise.

And if not, then it still wasn't a bad way to spend time. The boulder was comfortable, the trees sheltered him from the worst of the summer heat.. comfortable and meaningless, just like most of the things he did these days. But that's just how it is.



A raucous noise echoed from the caverns as Lachlan exited into the sunshine, squinting his amber eyes and letting his laughter die off as he shook himself and wearily began looking around. Fuck, how was it already this late in the day? He shook his head, glancing up at the glaring sun. The heat was unwelcome, but he knew the trees would make good shelter. Only reason he'd ventured from his dark debauchery was to find some food anyway.

As soon as his amber eyes adjusted, he dropped his gaze and turned towards the pines. However, something dark caught his eyes. He glanced towards the dark figure laying atop a boulder not too far off and he noticed the other wolf after a few hazy moments.

"Woah, hey there!" he called in a relatively cheery manner. He hadn't noticed the man at first, but now that he did, thoughts of hunger faded away.

He'd have to hunt eventually, but that could wait. Now he was more interested on seeing who this was and what they wanted -- if anything. "Enjoying the heat?" he asked as he walked over, his own dark fur prickling a bit. He didn't care for the heat as much, but he rather liked it more than the cold and it could get cold here, especially by the sea. That bitch was an unforgiving mistress if he'd ever met one. "Name's Lachlan," he offered easily enough.


It didn't take too long for his watch to bear fruit. Nicharion narrowed his eyes, focusing on the wolf who approached from the cave's general direction. Someone involved with the activity there, or merely a coincidental passerby? Still too early to tell. For a moment he considered leaving his perch, lest the stranger walks away without paying him any attention - but then vibrant orange eyes met his own and taking any action proved to be unnecessary.. for now, at least.

"Why, hello." The brown male appeared to be quite cordial and amicable at first glance, and Nicharion responded in turn. Rusty though he might be, he still could do that much.. "Quite. Just one of a few of my more reptile traits, I suppose." The red brute smiled faintly, as if making a joke he didn't necessarily expect to be understood. All the while he eyed the male carefully; too old to be called young, but not quite an elder just yet - perhaps the best term would simply be 'mature'. There was a hint of fatigue to him, a little odd considering the hour, but it wouldn't be too unusual for someone to have a more nocturnal lifestyle.. especially when such things matter little in the caves, perhaps? The brown hues of his fur did go well with the orange eyes, though.. at the very least, Nicharion liked what he saw. Time to find out if he'll like more than that.

"Drake. That's another." He had that nickname prepared for such cases, it's best to avoid becoming too well-known in his current line of work, after all. "Pleasure to meet you, Lachlan." A slightly deeper rumble of his voice to put an emphasiz there might have been subtle, but most definitely not accidental. "What of you, then? You don't strike me as someone often found without company." Indeed, the signs of activity in the caves seemed to be the doing of more than a single wolf.. "Not that I mind. You look like a man of quality; quantity would only get in the way of that." When asking questions, it's best to interweave them with flattery. Distracts from the nosiness of it all. And what compliment is more potent than one that diminishes others at the same time? Though frankly, Nicharion's priority wasn't entirely set on gathering information in this moment. Mixing business with pleasure was just a vice that he couldn't resist.



The other man seemed welcoming enough, in fact he was a little more welcoming than Lachlan expected him to be. At first, his brow raised a little, as if he were thinking about how to respond. Quickly, an easy smile took over his surprised expression. "I'm just taking a break from my company. A little hungry from last nights activities. Though those activities have seemed to turn into today's activities," he said. He hadn't gotten any sleep last night and he was sure he'd hit the hay early tonight, but it was worth it. Maybe after he caught a meal, he'd take a longer break than he intended and crash in the afternoon sun.

"You could probably take my place," he said, laughing a bit. He shook his dark fur, it was a bit messy he bet. If he could admit it, he was a bit too tired now anyway.

The earthen man lowered his front end into a stretch and yawned, ears folding against his head as his back cracked. "Shit!" he said, before standing back up straight. He didn't feel much like hunting, he just wanted to rest. But his belly rumbled angrily at him and he sighed. His gaze shifted back up to the male and he decided a hunt wasn't worth it right now. "Mind if I join you?" he asked. It looked like there was enough room up there for two and he hoped he wouldn't mind.


Lachlan seemed to be briefly surprised, but not necessarily taken aback. That was a good sign – the red brute didn’t care for carefully testing the water today, and he admittedly went a little up front. With a different kind of person, that could have costed him the opportunity to gather the information he was after. But prioritizing work would quickly bore him to death, and sometimes relying on a little luck pays off. At the very least, he now knew there was a fair chance he wasn’t wasting his time by putting in a little effort. „’Activities’, eh?” More of an observation that a question, accompanied by a smirk. Thanks to the brown male’s somewhat dishelved appearance, Nicharion was willing to narrow the options to a few guesses.

Take his place? An interesting proposition to make so lightly, at least if it wasn’t entirely a joke. That would mean the cavern’s were somewhat open to visitors.. or was it a bait? Lure wolves in towards some other end? Though that didn’t feel as likely. Covering up anything more illicit than entertainment of questionable morality would be more difficult, there would be some hints at the very least. „Perhaps. But I’m taking a bit of a break from, ah, living it up myself. My head can take only so much.” Indeed, he still felt a slight pressure on his temples from the last time. Berries are a cruel mistress.

Whether it was dictated purely by a mixture of savvy maneuvering and necessity, or entirely by the latter, the male’s stretch provoked an appreciatively slow glance from him. He really shouldn’t be letting himself get distracted this much, but damn, it’s been a really long time since he last had the chance to- „Go ahead.” Nicharion shrugged nonchalantly, but he shifted slightly to the side to make more room for the other all the same – there was just barely enough to fit both of them by his estimation, with precious little space to spare in between. It was a bit of a strange idea, to huddle on one rock with a stranger. And a forward one, though that much he didn’t mind in the least.



Lachlan hadn't really expected the other man to 'take his place' as he suggested, but it was interesting to hear he was taking a break, as he put it. "I can understand that," he said. His own head hurt a little from staying up all night, but that wasn't going to stop him. His ears flicked as the other man offered an invite up and Lachlan took the leap up with surprising grace.

The boulder was warm from the afternoon and he hissed a bit at the touch on his paws. He wasn't used to the heat yet. He settled next to Drake, their sides touching as there wasn't as much room up here as he thought. Ah well, he didn't mind. Huffing slightly, he narrowed his eyes and began to pant softly as he soaked in the sun.

"Now if a squirrel would hop in my mouth, I'd be set."

He swished his tail behind him and it brushed against Drake and he turned his head slightly, glancing at the other male. "Ah, sorry. Don't mean to be a boulder hog. It looked like there was more space up here from down below," he admitted. Hopefully he wasn't being a bother.


A clumsy climb was more likely than an easy jump when coming from a wolf in Lachlan’s somewhat weathered state – all the more impressive that he still managed to perform it without any slip ups. Nicharion liked that, inconsequential though it may be.

The warmth of another wolf is really quite different compared to that provided by the sun. The latter heated his pelt until it was like a hot blanket, enveloping but not so much permeating. The former, well.. it seeped in slowly until it made his skin tingle. He let out an amused huff at the other’s words, quietly considering the idea of seeking out food himself. Perhaps a while later… „Have you tried sitting really still with an acorn on your tongue? I doubt it’d work, but it wouldn’t be the worst attempt to make a dream come true.” No, wolves could do really stupid things for equally stupid reasons. This one at least had some humor to it.

The red male stretched out the toes of his forepaws, then abruptly relaxed them so that his nails would click against the stone. It really was distracting, the way how he could feel it if Lachlan so much as moved his tail, more so than he thought it would be. Worse yet, he couldn’t even complain, because it was the kind of distraction he wanted. „Seems like just the right amount of space to me.” Not one to avoid returning a favor, he swung his tail just so to make it brush agains the other’s hip. Perhaps he winked then too – not that Lachlan would be able to tell the difference between one and a blink from his point of view. „All that ruckus at the caverns – that’s your doing, then?” Now that they were both comfortable, it seemed like the right time to ask a more concrete question. Perhaps the only time – if he gets any more sidetracked the plan to gather information really will have to take the backseat.


"Now that'd be a neat trick," he said, shaking his head at the thought of a squirrel stupid enough to jump right into his mouth after an acorn. Honestly, though...

His ears flicked as Drake brushed his tail against him and made another comment Lachlan wasn't sure about, but not entirely opposed to. However, he couldn't think too much about it because he was being asked about the noise from that caverns, that had long since died down since he'd left. His gaze returned to the dark entryway and he assumed the girls had gone to sleep or retreated deeper into the darkness. There were many places to go in the caves, each more beautiful than the last. He lifted his head a little proudly.

"Yep. A King always makes his presence known," he said. He stretched out his paws in front of him, crossing one over the other as if he were fancy enough for that shit.

He angled his head curiously towards Drake. "The Underworld really not bring anything to mind?" he asked, sounding a little disappointed. He admitted they were still new, so word probably hadn't gotten far about them... but he had always been a little bit dramatic.


Ah, of course. If Nicharion had a rabbit for every wolf who fancies himself as royalty, he’d never have to hunt again. At least Triss only considered herself a leader, without any fancy titles. Maybe he should appreciate that more. „Oh my, I had no idea! Your majesty. The red male dipped his head and shot the other a grin – clearly not a serious show of respect, but it was more of a friendly jape than actual mockery. Lachlan seemed to be pretty laid back overall, he probably won’t mind. Still… if he really is the leader of the cavern group, that’s quite fortunate. Perhaps getting closer to him could offer more benefits than merely satisfying his own whims? „I’ll have you know though, my father was a prince.” That much was true.. after a fashion. That Dracarys wanted nothing to do with the crown and the empire ceased to be soon after was just a detail, was it not?

„I’m afraid not. Believe me, I’d know if I heard that kind of.. memorable name.” He’d have a hard time coming up with something more pompously trite than that.. then again, he was part of a group called ‘Outlaws’, so maybe he wasn’t exactly in the position to be judgmental. In the end, a name is little more than a tool, and if this one serves Lachlan’s purpose and does so well, then he’s the one who’s better off for it.

That said, that was a satisfying amount of information that he could make good use of. If he gets more later, that’s great and all, but now it was finally time for some play instead of work. In slow, measured motion that gave the other plenty of opportunity to object, he leaned closer to Lachlan, aiming to nuzzle him behind the ear. „Would you like to educate me, sir?” His voice lowered to a husky whisper. If only gathering information always nearly made him want to shiver with anticipation.. life would be much more enjoyable.



Lachlan's brow raised lazily at the tone in Drake's voice and he huffed. "It's not like that," he insisted. He was not royalty, oh he was far from it. His lip curved in a smile as the other man told him his his father was a prince. "And what does that make you, then?"

"Hmm..." he murmured, his eyes narrowing as the warmth of the sun seemed to be getting to him.

It wasn't all that surprised his pack hadn't been heard of yet, but he was sure that would change with time. He felt a nudge behind his ear and his eyes opened quickly as he realized he was being nuzzled. Groggily, he blinked and turned his head, unsure what to make of the gesture, but not wholly disliking it. He had been returning the flirts from the male all this time... to turn him down now would be rude. He knew he hated when bitches did that shit to him.

"I don't know if I'm the right man for the job... you're not my regular type," he admitted.

He watched the other male curiously, ears twitched and amber eyes bright with a newfound alertness. He wasn't sure why he was even considering anything... he had never been interested in pursuing males, but perhaps it was the fact that he was the one being pursued. There was something about it that was a little thrilling.


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