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She'd met them at the border but there was more that was needing to be discussed with this Isolde Fairchild. Apparently it would be something of interest to the blue woman so she agreed to entertain the woman in her den for a meeting away from prying eyes and ears. The Fairchildren, so far, had not harbored any animosity for them and Galiene had even offered her some leaderly advice a couple of seasons ago. How long the peace would last she did not know, Blackfoot was no stranger to some of their ideals and only hoped that they would maintain the peace. The last thing she needed was one of the most powerful families in Cyrileth on her pack's case. So, diplomacy and getting to know some of their members would work in her favor.

On the way she stopped by the prey pile, offering the woman something if she wished to take it, and grabbing a rather large hare for herself. Her appetite had just been growing and growing until it felt like she was nurturing a cavernous hole in her stomach rather than growing pups. Even while on guard duty and while talking to her most recent guests her stomach had been complaining.

They made their way up to her den and quickly she popped her head in to see if Cailan was around. Her mate was nowhere to be seen and his stale scent told her that he'd likely been gone for a bit of time. that would leave them time to talk freely... though she wondered if he should be present for this. She would just catch him up later though she knew eventually that she'd be in no condition to have meetings or conduct diplomatic talks....

After seeing that they would be alone she entered and lead the other inside. The blue woman took a seat on her nest and extended one paw, silently offering the other a place to sit wherever she wished. The hare she plopped down in front of herself and she ripped it open unceremoniously. After a few ravenous bites to quell the cramping in her gut she looked towards Isolde, brows inclined as she silently asked her to begin.

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the stars...

When the Ardria had crested the hill and loped down the mountainous trail to the wolves near the beach, Isolde had felt as though a pup again. Her eyes had widened as the summer sun painted the blue wolf into Zavala's likeness. Though the eyes had not been golden but green, the distinctive garb left Isolde speechless. Only when the alpha had drawn close and introduced herself as Blackfoot had Isolde allowed a small smile and a respectful dip of her head to wipe away her surprise. Nursing her curiosities, the Fairchild had followed the southern alpha into the vista.

Throughout the arduous trek up to the secretive camp, Isolde had kept an eye out for others of Blackfoot's ilk. Surely this had become the new natal pack for the Ardrias? While once a forest pack snug and secure in Geld, it was not uncommon for families to move to more fruitful lands. That said, the scents of prey were far and few between here upon the rolling hills.

Isolde witnessed few until they entered the pack's heart. Beyond a smattering of guards and pups, however, there were no others with the Ardria robes. Odd.

Declining food, she allowed her gaze to drift over the alpha more carefully. There was a shift in the she-wolf's scent and, unmistakably, a bit of a bulge by the woman's abdomen. Considering the lack of prey she'd witnessed so far, she could only assume that the alpha would soon be blessed with pups. Considering Galiene's recent loss, Isolde could only feel envy and appreciation for Blackfoot's blessing.

Settling in the she-wolf's cavernous den, Isolde took the time to admire the water-warped stone whilst Blackfoot ate. When the woman was licking her chops, Isolde offered a smile. "You've built a fine pack," she mused, voice warm. The breeze was nice and the air was clean. Distant was the unmistakable laugh of pups. "And it seems that it will grow ever larger." Emerald eyes ghosted by the Ardria's belly. "Congratulations."

Tucking her tail around ivory paws, Isolde inclined her head. "Are other Ardrias here?"

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