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Lucian Fritz
the traveler
Lucian had found a rock to set his hide onto, a place for rest while the night had gone by. Now the morning had come and the sky was lit with pink and purple. He stayed where he was, content on resting a little longer and allowing the sun to warm his back as it continued to rise. The rock was cool when he had sat on it and it took moving around to continue sharing the colder parts of it's rigid top. Now he his head was positioned between his paws and his tail hanging lazily off the edge of it. His eyes remained closed as he dozed in and out of sleep.

There was a subtle breeze, one that bit the edges of his furs. It likely would continue until the sun changed to a descent. Occasionally he heard the birds chirping. For the most part, the noise was drowned out by his thoughts.

He had tried endlessly to ignore it, but he felt the anxiety gripping him as he thought of the outcome with his meeting of the Sanctuary Alpha. It didn't go as well as he had planned but it didn't end badly either. Surprisingly, he didn't even hate the man. Lucian was only frustrated that it hadn't gone as easily as he hoped. If you want something, it takes continuous effort and patience. Patience, of which, he had a lot of. It only takes time to mend the wound and he was content with the fact that the bandages had been placed, at least.

He never opened his eyes but guessing by the warmth on his fur, it was midmorning. He heard the soft sounds of what could possibly be footsteps, and his audits flicked. Was someone approaching? His eyes remained closed as he gave the choice to them, though he was alert of any kind of greeting.

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