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[ AW ] Something Simple


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Water rolled gently around her paws; it was clear water, tainted only by a small hint of mud picked up in the gentle current. She could see her paws, foggy, but still clear enough to see them flex beneath the water. The sun rose above her in the sky, an unblinking, burning eye gazing down at the world with something that she assumed was curiosity. The breeze was gentle, taking away some of the heat that wrapped around her body like a blanket.

Icy eyes scanned the surface of the water, ripples spreading out where grass poked up through the edges of a thousand streams. The land wasn’t a marsh, but it certainly could have been if it gave a good rain. There were patches where the ground was solid and didn’t squelch beneath the weight of a wolf’s paw. The ground held a coolness that suggested water, however.

Zahira found the place nice. She’d travel through it before but had never taken the time to appreciate it for what it was. She’d been so one-tracked then. She hadn’t appreciated the life that she was given. Things were different for her now: she’d found her brother. She’d discovered more about her family, for better or for worse. She had, however, gained a true happiness that had touched her heart from finding her brother. She knew the happiness was… well, it was true, but she still had a small fear of it coming back, for the emptiness to consume her again, regardless of how happy her life had become.

She gave herself a shake and scanned the environment around her. Icy eyes squinted in the light, but soon the monochrome woman focused on a moving shape. As the moments passed, she realized that it was the form of another wolf. Her tail twitched slightly, and she started towards the figure. Why not have a little socialization – hopefully – to chase away the thoughts, and to lighten the day a little more.

“I am speaking”

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Ursa Flores

The burly male of earthen tones had trotted along the skirts of the Pine Forest for a little while, bewildered that it was taken by a pack once again in such a short amount of time, not recalling packs forming so vapidly as they had been the past couple seasons. It was atypical of this land, recalling mostly only the Fairchildren holding ground and a smile turned up the corners of his muzzle, thinking of all the chaos that could unfold if these new packs did not tread lightly, knowing wrath was a heavy wickedness of the old, holy family. The part that intrigued him the most was that the scents at the boarders of most of the packs housed that of outsiders, something he knew at least the Mother would be displeased by due to his only encounter with her, how she blamed them for immortal doings. A head gingerly shook as he took in one last glance over the territory before turning away to stalk off toward that of the plains.

Lavender eyes took in the impregnated soil, full of water and vegetation to provide a nice ground for many to gather, predator and prey alike. It was a dream come true for a hungry customer, taking down quarry was easy when distracted and drawn in enough to not take notice of anyone prowling. Luckily for the cranes and vole alike, he was not craving to satiate any hunger at the moment, at least not on such small game. Instead he simply wanted to wonder and allow the stars to guide his paws to something new, something more simple than a child that could not understand what he spoke and feared him, such an accursed game the gods played. Each chess piece was a double edged sword, both benefiting him in some way but also damaging him psychologically. However, he was a man of servitude as he hoped to wash away past sin of his own.

The aroma of moistened silt and sod was starting to flood his iron nose, pushing out the heavy scent of evergreen that had numbed his senses not long ago, it far more welcomed than he normally find it. A mixture of the morning dew and recent rains tainted the air alongside the heat of summer, the sun brightly threatening its superiority in the sky like a wildfire. His steps suctioned to the mud, weight baring deeper and deeper into the earth like stiff quicksand, allowing him no traction as paws slid along the slime until he find some repose among some grasses. Carefully but confidently he waded back into water as a scent caught his attention, another was in the vicinity or so their scent was in the waters that drifted past him. It didn't surprise him he would catch the fragrance of another along his nostrils, expecting many a hunter to be hidden among the higher reeds and foliage but this one was not tucked away in hiding.

Eyes caught the sight of dainty average sized figure outlined by the sun, seeing them as a whole difficult as one's retinas would burn if they stared too long into the light. If the stranger wasn't getting more finetuned and larger upon the horizon, he might have chose to trek on further, instead he stood in place as ripples casted over to him like a hand beckoning him to come closer. A ravishing smile pulled at his lips as he obliged to the invitation, never one to turn away some willing company, presumably female from the scent drifting toward him.

"A divinity; a maiden swathed in solar rays, quite a breathtaking sight. What a delectation to be among such resplendence," he hummed with warmth laced on his tongue, unable to make out anything of the other besides their shape due to how powerful the sun beamed down on her from behind. Where light did not hit, a shadow was casted, hiding away potentially a beauty or a monster. He took to a halt a good many yards away, still, awaiting for her to move and close off further distance. He would not force his presence, he was gentlemen.

“I am speaking”

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The sunlight betrayed the inky shadow, a stain upon an otherwise vibrant plain. Loki was a serpent, graceful, precise, lovely to look at, but given time her poison would sink through the layers of flesh until her victims were ensnared... having never realized they'd been bitten in the first place. Her prowess did not emerge from brawn or arrogant displays of dominance, no... Loki's danger stemmed from a special brand of manipulation. She never outright lied, she never demanded or commanded, she merely guided and harnessed what was around to steer individuals down certain paths. She was good at what she did but the Underworld had yet to utilize her for those boons, so instead she found herself seeking those beyond it's grasp to control and ultimately that restlessness saw her wandering into the Floodplains.

Loki's gait was precise and fluid, like water given physical mass. Every press of paw, every ripple, stretch and pull of muscle, every subtle flicker of eyes or ears was elegant and made with purpose. Nothing she did was because of distraction, beauty or a desire to simply absorb the world around her. Such folly would never suit the serpent. The scent of a stranger trickled into her nares and the onyx wretch pulled herself to a stop. Toxic eyes glinted in the sunlight and her skull swiveled to view the woman who approached her. Loki's posture was confident, self-assured but her tail didn't curl upward in dominance, nor did her hackles raise or ruffle. She was approachable, but their was a heaviness to her countenance and a weight to her full attention. The ivory woman was the opposite of her in color and brightness. While Loki wasn't tense, she was always ready to either lunge or counter an assault, wherein this stranger seemed relaxed and at ease. Her approach wasn't hostile but Loki's sharp gaze still flickered across her form judging approximate muscle to fat, weight and height, and any other blemishes or scars that were visible. It was habit more than anything else. Having too much knowledge had never been a flaw that led her astray. Her tail flickered, the tip curling around her hock just once before lying flat between her hind legs.

Loki opened her jaws to speak when a voice sounded from behind her and the serpent twisted, surveying a second adversary. This one, a male, splashed in a barrage of orange and white. "Foraged between two harbingers of light, fate remains such an irony." Her voice was low, quiet but brimming with subtle confidence. She did not need to be loud to be heard. With the second wolf the game would have to change and thusly her approach would follow. "Surely you didn't come here to hunt? Without sloughing rain water, this place has little in bounty beyond the insects." Neutral... for now. She would see if either of these wolves were worth her time.

"Tame the fire from within, you won't break me. Love will tie the tourniquet and suffocate me"

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