Timber, Aurelius

First Skill: Strength
Second Skill: intuition
Third Skill: sturdiness
Constellation: the bear
Affiliation: loner
Roleplay Sample: Time works against those who wait. It almost stands still. After his departure from the ravaged and now barren lands that he once called home, he followed the only thing, the only being, that could seemingly move faster than time. He'd accomplished trailing his father time and time again, each time further from the first. His paws would come to ache, stomach turn and twist should he pass through lands that held no sign of prey, and sanity slip should he wander too long without a tap on the shoulder from reality. One could almost see the exhaustion should they wander close enough. But, being the four legged freight train that he was, each step would regain its regal placement upon these new lands. Crown was held up, though occasionally his snout would fall to the terrain beneath him to make note of any new changes- but at this rate, there wasnt much. Radars stood forward atop his dome, working over time. While it was common sense that where he was would change and would become more and more unfamiliar as he went, he still carried himself in the same manor. Day would fade and night would fall across what skies he could see, and again hed meet the same sun or moon that would come to be his only company on this new, seemingly endless, trail.
Desired Plots: open to anything, allies/enemies/mistresses/children? Siblings?


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