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Maple [Birthing Thread]

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- Birthing Thread -
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She had forgotten how much this hurt. It was a gut wrenching pain that had caused the queen to stagger. Her normal, dignified stance had been tarnished by a sudden contraction. A low, strangled growl had lifted within her throat. The queen, knowing what was to come, had limited herself to the heart of their packlands. Though she often slept beneath the stars, she had fastidiously scraped out a birthing den beneath the roots of a twisted pine. Ravenous, Nassar had intended only to gather scraps from a few carcasses that had been laid out a mile or so from the forest’s center. The queen had not gotten far before she had crumpled from the pain.

The rest had been a red-tinged blur.

Khepri had been the first to find her, though such a thing was fitting. Since the man had worried over her during the search party, she had felt his concerned gaze upon her hide more than once. Being one of the helots, he also had few duties beyond hunting for those left at home. Given that their kind often hunted for themselves, that had left the man as a personal steward of sorts.

Badari had been the next to appear and, through the pain, Nassar had gasped for the girl to fetch Oberon. The Maiden’s Tears were not welcoming to their kind, but Oberon was the father of this litter. If only this once, he would be permitted into the depths of their fold. In hindsight, Nassar would be thankful that Sinai’s flame could be the first to usher in the Fairchild. Badari had a strong heart and an even stronger will. She would shine brightly without losing her head.

Ismailia and Ahkoris were likely still on patrol duty. With Karnak seemingly gone to lick his wounds and Cairo still missing, Nassar had plenty to worry about but less and less of her problems became relevant. More contractions came and, steadily, she was ushered back into her den.

Her breathing was labored. Blood and fluid dampened the dirt beneath her. One pup had been born—a girl of russet and brown, her face ebon’ like Oberon’s. Nassar had hoped that the worst might be over, but the pain did not stop. For the time being, at least, she was allowed to rest.

The sound of paws caused Nassar to look up and peer through the gloom. Amber eyes slid to Khepri, a quiet command for him to greet the unknown.

“my sin, my soul.” 

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all i wanna do is die for you

Khepri had been constantly worrying over Nassar the further into her pregnancy she progressed. She was insistent on continuing with her regular duties, like she wasn't carrying the weight of herself and her young. Despite her vicious attitude and frequent attacks, he followed her, and warned her, and left her food, and tried his best to help her. He didn't know why he was so concerned, but perhaps it was because the father was absent, as were a few of her children that he felt the need to step up. Maybe it was also these things that drove her mood into the ground too, well, that and the pain and discomfort she must be in.

So when she buckled, Khepri was there.

Once back to the den, he gave her proper space, and waited for this mystery man to arrive. He chanced a glance at the first pup, but quickly looked away when he found Nassar looking at him. His ears flicked at the noise outside the den. He bristled lightly, more from fear than anything else. He wasn't sure what he would meet, but he assumed it would be Badari with the children's father in tow. He moved forwards, peering outside to see if it was friend or foe.

He hoped it was not the latter, for he wished not to die today defending Nassar and her newborn children.

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It was the scent that had drawn her to the hollow, a secretive place tucked out of the way, deep within the heartlands of the Forest. The grove had been the sort of place she would have avoided, content to wander the more wild terrain that flourished beneath the shadow of the mountain walls; but Badari had been interested in that scent. Perhaps a part of her had already known what it was, a fleeting memory from a time long ago, when she had been naive to the world they had been born into. Blood, fatigue, pain, and something else. Something sacred. The drums sang high on the stone peaks, a thrum of wind and rain; always rain. Here, she had become used to the dampness, her fur awry with molten fire, dark from the humidity. But even the evening falls couldn't wash away the scent. When she arrived, it was too the Matriarch fighting her next great battle, something she would have to win alone or die trying.

Go to the Fairfolk. Fetch their King.

Their King. Never hers. Nassar may have been her Queen, born again of fire and ash, yet, her chosen male would never be Tiamat. His was a world separate from theirs, cloaked in strange and foreign beliefs, following gods who had no place in her life. Two rulers, living divided. It was a strange notion, yet, one Badari was content with, content even, seeing how the bonding had changed little of their way of life. Their border may have been more tolerant to the passing of the star-kissed, but their traditions remained the same, the Matriarchs rule remained unchallenged. At an age where gender had little say in her opinion, Badari didn't care for the companionship that came from having a mate, didn't see its worth for anything other than continuing on the line. The only male besides that of her siblings who should have meant anything to her was little more than a thought, a footnote in the prologue to her story; unimportant. "I will bring him," she had bid, offering no words for luck or victory. It wasn't in her way, nor theirs.

The treck from the Hidden Forest to Maiden's Tear should have taken days journey of persistent jogging had been cut, the phoenix choosing the steep paths through the mountains instead of finding the safer routes in the north and south. Her wandering had proven useful, finding the footholds whereas others would not, the first to transverse the steep cliffs. She should have taken her time, would have, planned too, with the spring dampness drying from the earth as summer set in. But it would hardly be worth the trip, if the father arrived late. It was Nassars' second litter, and from what she understood of the labor, usually, they came faster than the first. Her limbs burned by the time she entered the outskirts of the Falls, the air thrumming with the sounds and weight of the leaping river. Her voice, however, was not to be undone, as she bayed for the Father, haughty with adrenaline and urgency.


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