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Farther and farther away was his home. Desire to return and wander amidst trees he had known since he was but a newborn was waning. It was not his home anymore, with wolves of fire swooping in and claiming it as theirs. Imposing rules upon rules on those trees that he could no longer breathe as freely. It hurt; this was the reason why he did not return as often. It hurt so deeply, seeing chains suffocating his childhood home.

He had not forgiven Cairo, and he did not think he ever would. The scar she had left upon him was so very deep and the trust he had placed in his friend was now shaken. But he did not hate her. It came very close, but he did not hate her.

But it would be untrue to say he was untouched by hatred; it burned within, vicious and cruel. He hated the family. He hated the matriarch. She who ruled them; who had tamed the wild forest with irons. So very bitter and hateful was he that he almost wished their fire would burn the forest down, ending their empire for the second time.

It would mean he would lose his home for the second time.

So, to soothe the ache, he had turned his gaze elsewhere and chosen to only walk on roads that led him away from the Hidden Forest. Red Wood was where he would wander to today. Red decorated the landscape, growing finally from the charred ruins, and the blossoming forest was alive with little beasts. The sight softened his heart, at least.

“You seemed to replace your brain with your heart."


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The days had been progressive, each step she made seeming to lead her to something more, a higher purpose and goal to achieve. It was strange to have a lack of chaos in her life, a steady peace that left her at a rare ease yet in a strange way she remained paranoid of the next disaster that might befall her. Well not her, them. Her blood red gaze scanned the spine covered trunks of the forest that lead to the next territory that she was going to be calling home from now on, so long as everything continued to go smoothly and nothing came up that might prevent them from trusting her to be their healer. It wouldn't be the strangest thing that ever happened to her. In how long she had been alive, an anomaly or two every once in a while became the norm, keeping her life interesting, to say the least. It kept her going, helped her become stronger, navigate through life continuously blindfolded. It was thrilling. She loved that thrill, she chased it for years.

However, would that storm of chaos start to cease now that so many puzzle pieces were falling into their spaces? A mate, a pack, a life of a stationed healer and potential to have a family of her own if she was so lucky. They were dreams come true. So why was she afraid? She should be full of pure happiness being given everything she ever wanted and more.

That was around the time in her thoughts it dawned on her that she had lost track of where she was walking and got separated from the one she cherished so, leaving her lost and confused for a moment as she looked around for his dark figure among slightly matching terrain. At least the land was regaining it's vibrant reds as it continued to grow, with it too hopefully another Eldritch tree would come forth from it's boon, rising like a phoenix among the remaining soot. There needed to be a strong downpour to rid of the rest, to make the land shine all the more. That would take time as a rain dance never worked, no matter how much effort one put into it. A smile slipping over her lips at the idea, recalling a group of wolves years ago that traveled through Cyrileth, that truly did believe such a thing was possible. Being whom she was, she happily joined them until they were all worn and tired.

Those memories faded as she spotted a figure of black, brown and russet travelling along from the opposite direction as her, looking around at the landscape. She didn't really think too much about it as she started to bound over toward them, assuming it was Raiden on her initial glance, not taking the time to examine where the russet played with different patches of fur than what she knew. As legs retracted and stretched with each stride, she looked toward where the other seemed to be looking, curious as to what he might have found as her tail wagged eagerly. So focused on what they were, there had become less and less in terms of them studying/discussing nature and more so studying each other. Now that that had been resolved, perhaps they could return to what brought them together in the first place, taking a step back to learn everything and nearly anything.

Once she got rather close, careless as normal, she found traction and came steadily to a halt only a couple steps away, fur settling but still catching the light breezes of fall fast approaching. If only the trees were alive, then this place would have a standing ovation in the coming season. "Did you find something to study, Rai?" she asked absentmindedly, looking for anything particularly unusual.

As she didn't really find anything, she finally looked up to see something was indeed rather unusual. A man of those colors she saw was truly before her but a face of mostly black with lighter ear tuffs, eyes of molten honey, sharp and a body that housed far more muscle and stature. There was far more rust along their body, soaking up the black ink. This wasn't the man she spilled her heart to, no, that was obvious now and she quickly retreated back a couple steps. Her nose wiggled a little to catch his scent and she couldn't recognize it, though it did have some notes she thought familiar but couldn't place in her frenzy of surprise. "S-s-sorry, I thought you w-w-were...from a di-di-distance... a-at a glance you l-l-l-l-look like..." she stumbled, anxious rambling starting to take over as she shrunk back timidly to make herself look smaller, submissive, inferior.

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