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rank: Warrior

gender: Male

age: 3

posts: 240

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rusted weapon


Stardust: 1,110✪

Gentle humming vibrated in his throat, but it would not be heard for the hushed melody was but a candle in the hurricane of the falls. His steps were idle as he strolled through the sparse grassland, mud and grass mercifully solid underneath his paws, hard-baked by the scorching sun. The heavens were tinged pink and purple, a harbinger of twilight, colouring the spun gold of dried grasses rosy and his ebony pelt copper. Drifting glance would wander towards the line where the earth ended and where one, if they dared to peer over the edge, would see the rushing water crashing into the pool at the bottom.

His gaze then glanced at the ascending moon and stars, wondering if he should seek shelter for the night. His humming died as he halted his walk, reluctant to start looking. Instead, his form reclined into a sit and his head turned to where the cliffs broke the earth, his mind blissfully blank. Last few weeks had been difficult, a heavy, depressing burden upon his shoulders, and he wondered if it was possible to run far and far away from his troubles, when they only pained him. He felt lonely. Funny that, for he had been alone many times in his life and rarely if ever, felt the sting of loneliness. It was crueller than he had imagined. In his isolation, he sang again, the vibrating melody soothing to his own ears.

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