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thread with my babies!


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Faina Shukov, 5 Years, Loner [Profile]

Faina is a long time character of mine, mother of Anteros. She has quite a few plots I am open to, and I definitely want to see her get more active on site. She is very headstrong, not afraid of much, and loves her child. Once befriended she is one who will have your back, and don't worry if you're doing something she doesn't like she will be sure to let you know.

I have an idea of where I would like her to go pack wise, but before then she needs some friend or enemies. If anything works out in the love department I would like that to happen icly!


Anteros Abersenthe, 3 Years, Sanctuary [Profile]

My main babe! He is currently Alpha of Sanctuary and trying to get Kylar to say I do. So wait out for those pups! He has some people who he is not so keen about, and more that he does in fact like (ily ahkoris). I am pretty much open to anything, especially if there is anyone who wants to be a defender of the Sanctuary.


Beatrix, 2 Years, Loner [Profile]

She is interesting, and there is a lot more about her that I am sure I'm going to have to learn. She is headstrong, blunt, and sometimes talk too much. I would love to see her in some trouble considering she was stolen from the Tiamat home when she was young and now there are some bad wolves out there looking for her upon her escape. I may be making an adoption thread for these wolves, but if anyone wanted to play that position with someone on site and it made sense I am down for that too!


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