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It hadn't been that long since she had joined the new pack, only a couple days and pretty much all she had been aware of was the Matriarch was pregnant, couldn't have had them already for all she knew or cared. As much as she liked little babies for their purity and admittedly, cuteness, she really didn't care to weasel her way into the presence of them when she didn't have to. It would cause unneeded attention when a new face walks right into the heart of many wolves she did not know, having only met three Tiamats and one secondary family amongst the travels she had made in the past. She couldn't say they were all that diverse, all fairly distant even the one that was friendly, he gave her nothing beyond a blabbered sentence that made little sense. She didn't actually know any of them. They were all just small dots on a map of her life, though soon perhaps they would grow. Particularly the two males she knew for certain were here, merely because they were basically her assigned assets, tutors until she was a true adult. Ahkoris her primary and she had yet to see his face, somewhat dreading seeing those flower petal eyes. They were lies. Petals were soft while he was the blade of a sharpened sword, elegant; flashy yet deadly.

First she needed the basics, know her ground here now that she had settled a little and try not to make regrettable mistakes that could leave her a loner or even dead if she inflicted their wrath. She was an outsider and they were warriors, at least that was what she had been told but it had already been countered once when she asked it to another. There was more to it than that and she wasn't sure what that meant. If they were warriors, did they not fight? Shed blood of all that oppose them? So far she hadn't seen any such thing, just the calm before the storm that had yet to bring forth enough disaster to do so. Sure the queen sent her to the ground and reopened a wound but if the wound hadn't been there in the first place, she would likely have only left bruised at most.

Her mind racked more and more about the concept of what a warrior was here because obviously she was ill informed on the subject from what she remembered of her birthplace. Perhaps they just had different ideals. She couldn't be sure. What she could be sure of though, was this snow that rolled under her feet and the chill in the air that seeped into her bones. It was far colder than she remembered, too accustomed to the heat of the south now and it showed as she shivered slightly as nails dug into the white powder. Glancing around, she didn't see a blanket of the white substance like she also remembered being here last time, the summer having some small effects on the weather but not enough to adapt in an instant. She need her thicker coat and food to stuff her face with, too bad the last thing she wanted right now was to eat.

Carefully she moved toward the scent she had grown to know the best, steps quickening into a run as she tried to at least get her heart rate up to warm her from under the skin. She felt oddly free despite the circumstances, all her worries of the past not nearly as gripping as they had been which was a pleasant feeling as a whole. There were so many reasons she decided on leaving the other pack, she couldn't deny truly ridding herself of having to look at where her parents died was the main. She couldn't say her depression and anger was gone but it was a touch better, for now. Unfortunately, it was still seeping and coiling still around her heart like a vice. Maybe one day she would rid of it for good.

Her steps slowed and she came to a halt next to a lump of a false-gold pelt in seemingly the middle of nowhere, a confused look slowly covering her face as they appeared to be asleep in the frigid night air. Or dead. Not likely the second one but one could dream things they didn't actually want, right? Without much warning besides her faint paw steps to get closer, she attempted to wake him up by smacking him on the head with a small onyx paw. If he didn't dodge or counter, she would lean down to wrap her teeth over his ear and pull it. She was so nice, she could have done much worse out of how salty she still was toward him.



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all i wanna do is die for you



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