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[ P ] Matter of Pride

rank: The Crone

gender: Female

age: 3

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The Crone


Stardust: 400✪

She could not rest.

Having spent the day tossing and turning. Careful of her stomach, Caella finally gave up once the shadows creeped over the luscious, grassy lands of Maiden's Tears. The sun began to set; blanketing the skies in a glorious deep, hazy orange. Streaks of pink and red marred the clouds that would soon vanish and birth witness to the stars. It was then and only then, would she emerge from her den.

By this point, there was no denying what was wrong with her. All this time, Caella had thought herself to be growing sick; but no longer. A swelling had formed within her belly. Contorting and kicking. Had the Crone blessed her with life? Or was this going to be the punishment for the night she spent with Sinclair...

Caella took it as a sign, it lay upon her shoulders to produce pups worthy of the Fairfolk name. But as she tried to ponder the existence of children within her life; The blazing gaze of The Mother caused her jaw to clench. She must find a suitor to act as the Father... or perhaps, not mention it at all.

Either way, she had got herself into a predicament. But one she could get out of. A huff flared through her nostrils as she sat by the stream. Watching the waters ripple and dance in the moonlight.

"Guide me in my time of need, may your lantern light show me the path."


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