[ P ] Bleeding Sunsets

Too much was happening, too much had happened and it was well time the Romani had a heart to heart with the Boss. She'd been feeling more and more like the outsider of the outsiders as of late and after the heated, near bloody interaction with Nicharion that feeling had only solidified. Beyond that, Sinclair was asking her to leave, to help him wrangle his family and repair what once was and between the two, Faun felt so torn she was making herself sick. Ultimately... she'd made Triss a promise and those words burned in the back of her skull. I have honor code. My own. My families own. If I ever want to leave, I would come and we would talk. I am no coward. I am no trădător. Those words had spilled from her tongue, both a promise and a vow and she would keep her word. The discontentment rolled in her stomach and it wasn't fair to her, to Triss, to Sinclair or to anyone if she continued to ignore it. With heavy paws, she sought their leader, ghosting around the edge of the lake and following her scent. Whether her honesty was to be met with hostility, understanding, rage, disappointment or some bastardized combination, she would accept it. This was her vow and she would honor it.

She reached the Boss Lady's den and paused outside of it. Triss's scent was strong enough that Faun was certain she was inside even if her damaged eyes struggled to see with the brightness of the sun beating down on her. Shaking away the unease and nausea that crawled along her spine, she gave a low woof, a sound of summoning to inform the Boss of her presence before she launched straight into words. "Triss, if you have moment, can we speak?" Low and soft, her accent warped the English words. With the heaviness of the conversation that awaited her, the accent was thicker. "I will wait by lake." Faun murmured after a moment and turned to give the Boss some privacy. She found a seat near the edge of the softly lapping tide and settled in to wait. She may not have much but she still had some pride. Her tail curled around her limbs but her skull turned to Triss as she approached.

"I promised you when I join that I would come speak if I ever felt like Outlaws was not good fit." She wouldn't waste the woman's time or fill the silence with empty words. She respected Triss too much for that. “While I love raids and get togethers, I don't get on well with one of us. He insults my soul. I cannot forgive." Harsh maybe, but the anger in those words was honest. "Beyond that, I have found... love outside our borders. It's not fair to you, the rest of Outlaws or me to be here when my heart wants somewhere else." She paused, her tongue swiping absently across her lips. "I respect you, Triss and what you have built. Would like to remain your ally, but I understand if that is not acceptable." She met Triss's gaze and settled into silence. She'd said her peace and even if it was taken poorly, Faun knew it was the right way to go about this.

"we're all young and naive still"
"we're all young and naive still"

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