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Only a few days had passed by since Ursa first brought me to this place. I hadn’t really seen anybody else beyond the female that had first greeted us, but I wasn’t entirely worried about it. I enjoyed my solitude. I gave me time to explore this place - to try my best at understanding everything that was new to me.

Dual toned eyes peered out to the edge of the weird water. So much water. I wondered if it ever ended. I wondered if there was land on the other side if it did end. But I guess that could wait for later years. My eyes turned back towards the tall things behind me as I sat upon a rocky ledge. Where was I going to explore next? I definitely didn’t want to go near the cave. I had more than enough of that.

Sounds of the flying creatures echoed and caught my attention for even the briefest of moments. For some time, I sat there in my spot watching the skaiglaida or at least that’s what I was guessing it was. It seemed to match my mama’s description of them at least. Or at least, they seemed to match the general description my mama gave. Since leaving the cave, I think I had seen several differently colored skaiglaidas. Granted, I wasn’t sure if they were all the same or if each one was different. Perhaps one day I would figure out the answer to that. Who knows maybe that would even be today.

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note: skaiglaida definition is large bird

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I was at Dove's den, sleeping in my corner, feeling the breeze from the outside world pulling my golden coat around, in a wild way. It refreshed me, and in a way, it comforted me in my sleep. And after an hour I was awake, opening my emerald eyes slowly, with some laziness. My mouth opened in a big yawn, letting my fangs get some fresh air. With tha done, I stood up shaking my fur fro any dirt that could have been stuck in my blonde hairs, and in less than a few instants I was out of my den, walking through the place that now after months has become my forever loving home, where I now had a family, the family I lost back then. The memories of whoever was my biological mother were almost gone, with the exception of that scent she had, one of the blossom trees. But I wasn't sad anymore, I managed to get over her departure, one I may never know the reasons for it, she could just abandon me, I could have been lost of her on my own or death. Many could be, but maybe I won't know the answer, but well, I didn't care anymore. I now had a brother, and a mother who did care for me, and some friends. So I didn't have to keep thinking about the past.

Leaving that to a side, I marched in silence. My destination was unknown, I just wanted to explore. But then, my gaze landed on shame in a cliftm facing the ocean. Well, maybe this could be a chance to have a new friend, that could be great! Sadly I never saw Sif ever again, she was gone. I did feel bad for that, I always wanted to fix what happened, to let her know I wanted to be her friend, but now that she faded, my chance did with it. Because of that, now I was alone again. Arios was a friend, of course, more than one you could say. He was my brother, and thus the best friend I could ever have. But I didn't want to lose the opportunity to have more.

So I approached the person, and in silence, I sat next to them. "Hi!" I greeted happily as I stared at the sea aswell. "Like it? I do". I still had my speech issues but I was improving, my English was getting better each day.

"we're all young and naive still"
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