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Night had come and with it, Maija Artenie. The golden goddess was hungry and nothing was going to keep her from what she desired most at the moment: meat. She rose from her makeshift den, nose already twitching for any scents that would satisfy her thirst for bloodshed and hunger for bone and blood. Muscles twitched beneath her golden fur as she rose and shook all over before setting out for a hunt that would intend to be a promising one. Senses on high alert, she set out and stuck to the shadows that were provided by the unfamiliar setting, intending to remain hidden until the final moment when she could initiate the chase.

Muscled frame carried her towards a more colorful part of the meadow, the smells of the poppies reaching her nose with a shameless tap. She softly growled, lips curling and teeth baring as she silently snorted the flowery scent from her nose. She was not in the mood to relax, not when her stomach was protesting and her mouth was watering as a result. Golden frame lowered towards the ground and she waited, leaf-green gaze never leaving the large patch of flowers that promised a breeding ground for succulent rabbits.



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