Void, Salem
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First Skill: Speed
Second Skill: Accuracy
Third Skill: Endurance
Constellation: The Shadow
Affiliation: none
Roleplay Sample: The moon was a bright, silver disk in the sky when she slunk, fur ruffled and eyes bright, from the inky expanse of shadows lingering beyond the glen. Each movement was slow, meditated, a calculated meticulation evident in each stride, ensuring that detection was inherently impossi-

"Salem". A two syllable drawl, puncuatd by a wet cough, rang through the cool night air. The maiden paused, a sharp breath hissing between clenched teeth, as a bristly, weathered form limped into the moonlight. "Where have you been?". Feigning surprise, Salem turned to her companion with an innocent start, blinking owlishly up into his greying features. "Grandfather! What a pleasant surprise". A frown drew twin brows of thick fur over tired eyes as the older wolf gave a contemptuous snort. "Nice try, Salem. It's Midnight. Next time, I expect you to be back earlier". Irritation raised the wispy black fur along her neck, but Salem reluctantly nodded her agreement. "Yes, Grandfather. Next time, I'll be punctal". Rolling her eyes, she began to sidle away into the dark, that undeniable hint of rebellious disdain lacing each word.
Desired Plots: Everything, just all the plots Smile


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