played by Savannah1889]
character basics
- [Age] 1
- [Birth Season]Spring
- [Eye Color] Blue
- [Pelt Color(s)] Brown white underneath and black on her back

- [First Skill] * Strength
- [Second Skill] Speed
- [Third Skill] Indurance
- [Constellation] The Mother
- [Affiliation (Loner ]
player basics
- [Your Preferred Pronouns] she/her
- [Link to your OOC Account] *
roleplay sample
Sapphire sniffed the air she padded along the bank her ears perked as she walked along she gave her pelt a shake thinking about jumping into the rover to get to the other side she sighed before going in i hate getting wet she thought to herself she begin to swim across keeping her head above the water and she climbed out on the other side she shake the water off her and padded into the trees she perked her ears listening she tilted her head seeing a rabbit run across her path she ran after it as she ran she tripped over a root she snorted and watched as the rabbit hopped away next time she thought to herself she got up and continued to pad deeper into the forest


blackfoot ardria

mordecai baroque

taka raiden

xandria tiamat-fairchild
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