Poll: Which God Do You Choose?
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The Mother
6 17.65%
The Twins
6 17.65%
The Fool
5 14.71%
The Shadow
17 50.00%
Total 34 vote(s) 100%
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The Beginning of the End [SWP 1]

the beginning of the end [swp 1]

Cyrileth has always been full of secrets... And now the gods wish to deliver. An ominous, foreboding presence slices its way through Cyrileth. Change is coming -- but its severity depends upon which god you pray to. The Mother watches over her flock, wanting only to nourish and nurture. The Twins, never idle, fiddle and twitch with a mischievous glint in their eyes. The Fool seeks to outdo them all. And the Shadow seeks to shine.

The stars turn their eyes to Ildhrune. Which god do you choose?

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result [swp 1]

The gods have heard your prayers. The Shadow strides forward, and the inky black sky is suddenly alight with stars. But these stars are strange and dynamic, for they are not stars at all, but meteors. They glide across the sky in a brilliant display visible only in Ildhrune due to its thin Northern air. The meteors shine light in darkness and bring unnatural beauty to Ildhrune's night sky. Some even touch the ground, leaving mysteriously empty, steaming craters where the meteor completely evaporated upon impact. The Shadow is satisfied.

Part One of the SWP is a meteor shower in Ildhrune! Characters who post ICly regarding this event will receive 10 extra stardust per thread participated in. Please claim your stardust in the Updates channel with a link to the thread. Threads in Ildhrune regarding this event will count for one week, until 10/13/19.

Stay tuned for Part Two of the SWP!


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